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BBC on news and social media

The BBC World Service director, Peter Horrocks, has spoken on how social media and news are becoming ever inter-linked and how the two forms of media can compliment each other. This comes after the Beeb has told journalists to make use of social media, holding the view that the new forms of technology are changing the way journalism operates.

Horrocks describes social media as a vital source of a opinions and voices, along with the credibility that audience driven content brings with it. And with that brings a new understanding and appreciation of social media for the BBC, who just last year remained cautious over its use.

It is great to see a leading news outlet as the BBC embrace social media in such a way, following in the footsteps of CNN who during a recent site redesign have also tightly integrated user-generated content into their news content.

1 Comment February 11, 2010

Online news in rude health

Pew Research Center have produced a survey looking at the online habits of teens and young adults, in particular their use of social media and news consumption online. While the survey seems to suggest blogging has plateaued out to become a more niche pursuit, social networking and online news show no signs of waning.

Sixty two percent of teenagers online are currently getting their news-fix over the Internet, a stat that peaks at 77% during major news events. This compares favorably with the 72% of online adults who access the Web for news or political information.

While blogging (15% of youngsters) and Tweeting (8% of teens) don’t look to be capturing the imagination of the young, social networking certainly has. A whopping 73% of wired American teens now use social networking sites (up from 55% three years ago), similarly 72% of online young adults also such sites, both being significantly higher than the 40% of adults who do so.

Overall the survey produces an interesting snapshot of web usage among the young, and it’ll be interesting to see how these trends continue to shift in the future especially as sites like Facebook continue to integrate online news.

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Moreover Metabase modifications

As we approach the end of the year we’d like to announce a number of enhancements to both our News and UGC Metabase products.

Over the past few months we have been particularly busy growing our coverage of news and social media sources, with much more still to come in the New Year. The UGC Metabase now serves around 750k posts a day from our spam-free White List of social media sites. This represents a 200% increase in volume from earlier in the year, and coverage has now jumped to 435k feeds watched with a further increase due by year-end. Coverage has particularly been boosted over platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Wikipedia to deliver a rich and diverse range of social media sources now being watched, along with other microblogging platforms, consumer reviews, forums, Q&A sites and more. We have also increased the number of social media feeds with geotagging, so users can now easily list and organise sources by nationality and region.

On the News Metabase side of things we now index over half a million news articles a day from 32k sources, a twenty percent increase in recent months. Other improvements to the news side include enhancing the way we identify and tag article authors and recently growing the number of news categories available to 800. The full complement of news feeds can be seen here : http://w.moreover.com/public/free-rss/prebuilt-feeds.html

We’d love to hear any queries or reactions to these changes, so feel free to drop us a line below!

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The how and the why of social media monitoring

Sifting through news and blogs, as we like to do here at Moreover, we’ve found this great post on the ROI social media on What Was I Thinking? blog. The post gives a great overview of the many facets of social media, the measurements and metrics around it and the value in social media monitoring for your company’s brand.

The post serves as an excellent resource for anyone interested, or yet to be convinced by, the power of social media and the benefits to be gained from a coherent strategy around it.

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Real-time realities of modern media

CrunchGear have posted an excellent piece on the recent Tiger Woods brouhaha, discussing the relationships between the more traditional forms and the newer forms of media.

The connections between the two are something we’ve blogged about in the past here on the Moreover Blog, and a somewhat sensationalistic story like the Woods crash is a great example of how the different media types coexist and compliment each other. CrunchGear post a detailed dissection on real-time discussion (e.g. Twitter) and real-time reporting (e.g. broadcast), wherein the value in each lies.

Twitter will help a story like this spread like wildfire, although it is (generally) still the mainstream media that provides the initial “spark”. While Twitter users will proliferate any discussion, it is still journalists who are at the scene of a breaking news story reporting on the issues soon to be propagated by Twitter and the likes.

While social media certainly has an important role to play in today’s news, it’s worth will been seen in real-time discussions rather than real-time reporting. For more in depth (and more insightful!) analysis check out the full CrunchGear post : http://c.moreover.com/click/here.pl?x3718989676u&f=2179

When a major news story breaks are you more likely to turn to Twitter or the BBC/CNN for the breaking details?

5 Comments December 2, 2009

Blogging bounces back

We posted a few months ago on the growing trend away from blogging and increasing popularity of ‘lifestreaming’ services such as Tumblr and Twitter. 2009 has certainly been the year of Twitter but perhaps it is slightly too soon to proclaim the death of blogs if comScore’s October estimates are anything to go by.

TechCrunch have wrapped things up pretty nicely with this post showing the relative strength of the WordPress platform (although pointing out the same can be said for Google’s Blogger), which despite the suggestion to the contrary shows blogging has never really gone away.

As we’ve seen an explosion in the various social media platforms over the past few years, we’re sure that there will be spikes in popularity for all types of social Web services as they each continue to innovate and push the technology forward.

Food for thought, and as many of you prepare to tuck into a turkey dinner we’d like to wish you all a very festive and happy Thanksgiving from the team at Moreover!

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MSM09 wrap-up

Our Social Times have posted a great digest of resources and photos from this week’s Monitoring Social Media event which is well worth checking out here. Many thanks to Luke and the team for making everything run so smoothly and we look forward to the next time!

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The present of social media monitoring

The dust is settling on yesterday’s Monitoring Social Media conference #msm09, so after many insightful and intellectual speakers it is time to ponder on what social media monitoring offers us now and where it can grow in the future.

The value of social media lies in people, as consumers help to shape or influence reputation it’s clear that media has already changed. While conversations occur around products or brands the key is knowing where these are happening, your role in them and which conversations you should be involved in. This is the value of listening, what issues matter to your customers and what drives that passion on particular subjects.

A great quote from yesterday was “Social media is word of mouth on crack” (I believe original credit for this goes to Scott Seaborn), and if you’re not sure what that means just ask Domino’s Pizza. It can work both ways though, as smart brands will use social media to involve and cultivate a fan base as well as to identify risks and improve their products.

While the case for listening may be strong, the case against such monitoring tools was also a point of discussion with Asi Sharabi’s controversial blog post inspiring a lively panel debate. No solution (right now anyway) is perfect and the current limitations in technology are important to discuss, along with the many strengths and benefits. All this can only be advantageous as we move forward and the social media monitoring industry matures. Social media is fundamentally changing the way we do business, while change can often be a challenge, the social Web is here now for the long term and the sooner we can integrate it into our business intelligence solutions the sooner we can all profit from it.

MSM09 has already sparked a spirited conversation here at Moreover Towers, as we look to continue growing and innovating in the space, we’d love to hear from you if you attended the event or have any words of wisdom on the subject, if so drop us a line in the comments below!

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The future of social media monitoring


Monitoring Social Media 09 is taking place in London early next week, a first of its kind event for Europe, bringing together leading marketing professionals, brand managers and the virtuosos in the field of Social Media Monitoring.

The Moreover delegation are ready and raring to go, with over ten years experience in the business of media monitoring we look forward to the joining in the debate and offering some intellect of our own. Key speakers include Matt Atkinson, CEO of EHS Brann, and Paul Alexander from Beyond Analysis with host Luke Brynley-Jones giving his views on the inspiration behind and aims of the event at ‘we are social’ blog here.

We’d love to hear from anyone else attending in the comments below, any particular highlights you are looking forward to? And should you be unable to attend remember to check-in at the Moreover Blog over the latter half of next week for our thinking and thoughts on what promises to be a very influential meeting.

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News getting social and local

Here is an interesting piece from Mashable on the convergence of social media and local news. Publishers seem especially keen on exploring more and more local content, with social media seemingly a great compliment to this trend.

As people access this specific hyperlocal content, and engage in it at the same time, then I’m sure both publishers and users will see the benefits.

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