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3 Levels of Newsdesk to Meet Your Needs!

Moreover Technologies has begun offering our award-winning Newsdesk in 3 different flavors:

Each takes advantage of our powerful search technology, but scales according to your needs.

Read our official press release here.

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Thomson Reuters OpenCalais sees commercial adoption for media monitoring, search engine optimization and more


Pioneering Partners Include Moreover Technologies, Morris Communications,
Media General, Magus Ltd. and Prefix Technologies

SemTech 2010 – San Francisco, Calif. – June 23, 2010 – Thomson Reuters today cited five innovative companies that are pioneering the large-scale and commercial use of its OpenCalais service to enrich and optimize digital content.

They include Moreover Technologies, a world-leading media aggregation and monitoring provider; Morris Communications and Media General, two top-tier regional publishers; Magus Ltd., the British pioneer of enterprise website governance, and Prefix, South Africa’s leading Content Management System (CMS).

“Two and a half years in, we are extremely pleased to be part of leading publishing platforms and media monitoring solutions around the world,” said Tom Tague, OpenCalais Initiative lead, Thomson Reuters. “We’re processing five million documents per day and storing 90 billion triples, reflecting a large and growing percentage of the English language news articles, blog posts and social media status updates posted on the Web every day.”

Joining CBS Interactive / CNET, Huffington Post, The New Republic, The Nation and more than 50 other publishers, entrepreneurs and service providers using OpenCalais are:

Moreover Technologies One of the original news aggregators on the Web, Moreover provides companies with “news and views” in a comprehensive solution for business intelligence, mainstream media and social media monitoring. It aggregates, refines and delivers millions of daily articles, blog posts and social media updates from more than a million editorially vetted sources spanning 800 searchable industries in 100-plus countries, and 50-plus languages.

Moreover Technologies uses OpenCalais to categorize and tag news and blog content as well as social media status updates to provide superior mainstream and social media monitoring services to clients of all kinds.

”Equally important to quantity of information is quality,” said Paul Farrell, President of Moreover Technologies. “It’s imperative to be able to retrieve rapidly the most relevant and pinpointed results possible from vast repositories of business intelligence. Our partnership with OpenCalais substantially enhances our ability to make sure clients get the right results at the right time.”

Morris Communications A leading southeastern media company, Morris Communications has newspaper, magazine, outdoor advertising, radio, book publishing and online properties. Its digital arm, Morris DigitalWorks, turned to OpenCalais while digitizing the archives of its 13 daily newspapers, including the Augusta Chronicle; the Florida Times-Union; the Savannah Morning News; the noted local Journalism experiment Bluffton Today and more.

“We strive to be unrivaled in the delivery of local news and information to our readership in every possible medium. So it is essential to be able to repurpose our content for any number of uses – including digital distribution on the Web, mobile, etc.,” said Michael Romaner, President, Morris DigitalWorks. “OpenCalais has helped us achieve that mission in two ways. By improving the relevancy of our content for Web searches, we have increased both our overall page-views from search engines, and our retention of those readers once they arrive. We look forward to expanding on this successful alliance.”

Media General A publicly-owned communications company, Media General has interests in more than 35 newspapers, 15 television stations and a wide array of interactive media properties. Media General turned to OpenCalais when porting 60 of its content-rich sites – including The Tampa Tribune; the Winston-Salem Journal; and the Richmond Times-Dispatch – to a new CMS for superior Search Engine Optimization (SEO), improved content navigation and greater utilization of archived articles.

Magus Ltd Magus is the pioneering UK company behind ActiveStandards™: the market-leading SaaS platform for enterprise website governance used by Unilever, Shell, Philips, ING and more. ActiveStandards takes web content governance to a new level by enabling companies to coordinate the policies, processes and people that underpin their web presence within a single integrated framework, and monitor and manage compliance.

Magus uses OpenCalais to power ActiveStandards’ “Content Insight Reports” – a suite of powerful semantic reports which extend the reach of online governance by providing visibility and control over unstructured content.

“Semantic Web technologies are revolutionizing the way people find and use information online,” said Simon Lande, CEO, Magus Ltd. “Our alliance with OpenCalais enables us to leverage this technology to bring about a step-change in the way that companies monitor and manage their online content. We see it as a revolution in content governance.”

Prefix Technologies Provider of South Africa’s most popular off- and online CMS, Prefix is a trusted Web-applications development company. Prefix solutions enable magazine, newspaper and online publishers to collect, store, share and monetize content in new ways that increase competitive advantage while improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Prefix uses OpenCalais as a processing layer for Preditor’s Semantic Tagging Engine. With a powerful tagging rules toolkit on a per-magazine basis, Preditor customers with multiple magazines on Preditor are able to draw content out of their archives and build smart links across a the network for their readers. In one case study, they’ve scanned through and linked over 10 years of archives.

”We’ve seen significant increases in archive monetization for our customers with our OpenCalais implementation. Equally, it’s been incredible to explore new ideas in both the print and digital worlds to create content packages through semantic discovery,” said Josh Adler, CEO, Prefix. “We feel we’ve interpreted the semantic opportunity in a unique way for traditional media and OpenCalais opened that door for us.”

About the OpenCalais Initiative
The OpenCalais initiative supports the interoperability of content and advances Thomson Reuters mission to deliver intelligent information by connecting all the world’s business-relevant content. It offers free metadata generation services, developer tools and an automatic connection to the Linked Data cloud.  Found at OpenCalais.com (http://www.OpenCalais.com), OpenCalais is the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to tag the people, places, companies, facts and events in content to increase its value, accessibility and interoperability on the Web.  For a quick and easy demo of how OpenCalais can add intelligence to your content, visit http://viewer.opencalsis.com, paste in a news story and hit submit.”

About Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters is the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver critical information to leading decision makers in the financial, legal, tax and accounting, healthcare and science and media markets, powered by the world’s most trusted news organization. With headquarters in New York and major operations in London and Eagan, Minnesota, Thomson Reuters employs 55,000 people and operates in over 100 countries. For more information, go to thomsonreuters.com.

Krista Thomas
Thomson Reuters OpenCalais Initiative

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Moreover Technologies grows social media sources 390% in a year

Aggregation pioneer marks one-year milestone with new Social Media Metabase portal, expanded news coverage, new search engine tools, new publisher product, new mobile app

Reston, VA—Aggregation pioneer Moreover Technologies has moved aggressively on their mission to solidify the top spot in breadth and depth of social media and news capabilities in the year since a private investment group acquired the company from VeriSign, Inc.

According to company President Paul J. Farrell, investment team leader, “The ink on the May 2009 acquisition contract wasn’t even dry when a product team started expanding our social media and news presence to help our clients monitor what’s happening, identify trends, and use the information to enhance their customer support and marketing services. This was one facet of an overall strategy to address many challenges at once, beefing up combined news and social media monitoring and improving our analytical tools.”

Leading the way is a newly launched Social Media Metabase business intelligence portal with expanded content filtering, sharing and analysis tools. This repository includes 976,000 spam-free, editorially reviewed White List feeds providing 1.4 million average daily posts refined from more than 12 million sources. “We cover all the Web’s most prominent social media sources, commentators and discussions,” notes Product Manager Brian Mackie. “A year ago, the Metabase contained 250,000 feeds, chiefly blogs and podcasts, with 500,000 posts. That’s a 280 percent increase in posts coupled with a 390 percent increase in sources.”

Moreover’s social media universe includes forums, microblogs, consumer review sites, video and photo sharing sites, wikis, social networks and comments, including such key sites as YouTube and Twitter.

The new Metabase portal provides detailed source lists and indexing statistics, giving customers more detailed insight into coverage. Other enhancements include comprehensive categorization and metadata tying to country, language, publishing platform, topic and media type. Quantity of tagged feeds, and countries, languages and platforms covered is constantly growing. Currently, Moreover indexes more than 100 countries and 50 languages.

Also noteworthy is the impending combination of the Social Media Metabase and News Metabase into one portal. “Having the news and social media all in one place will provide clients the ability to understand connections between the content. This shows metrics we can support, analysis of data returned, most linked sources, and the most salient pieces,” emphasizes Mackie.

News coverage also is up considerably, with 218 percent growth in average daily article count to 600,000 from 275,000; and with a 15 percent increase to 35,000 sources.

Farrell notes, “To help fuel our growth, Moreover has more than doubled the size of our client service team, enabling our clients to filter through all the noise and identify the information they are seeking.”

Moreover Technologies’ Search Engine Toolkit (SET) now offers a search API across all news and social media types (versus just news a year ago), offering “direct query access to our index for custom feeds and search implementations,” says Mackie. “It’s fairly plug-and-play, and goes in some pretty fancy directions. We can provide very specific content by topic, news and social classifications.”

Other value-added applications, such as Moreover’s Newsdesk, sit on top of SET. Newsdesk provides an intuitive dashboard that enables access to breaking Web news and fast creation of branded information-sharing tools such as newsletters.

Responding to publisher interest in monitoring and complementing how and where their Web content appears, Moreover Technologies has developed the MetaMonitor content discovery application. MetaMonitor enables publishers to compare and contrast details of original and republished content.It’s a great analytical tool for publishers,” notes Farrell.

Rounding out first-year accomplishments, Moreover Technologies also launched an iPhone application as part of a wider mobile strategy.

For more information, contact Ryan Roe at salesinfo(at)moreover(dot)com.


Since 1998, Moreover Technologies has been a trusted aggregator of global news and social media. Through US and UK offices, the firm offers corporate customers worldwide direct access to comprehensive, yet targeted, real-time business and consumer information from the Web’s most read and respected sources. Daily, Moreover Technologies aggregates two million news articles and social media posts from more than a million editorially vetted sources across 100+ countries, 50+ languages and 800+ searchable industry categories (statistics as of June 2010).

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A Moreover milestone

We are very proud to announce a landmark in our harvesting capacity, pulling in a massive 300,000 social media posts and 450,000 news articles daily. This totals up as 22.5 million links per month taken from 306,000 unique feeds and sources. But we’re not stopping there as we aim to continue growing our social media monitoring capabilities over the coming months to keep on delivering the best solutions possible, as summed up by our illustrious Senior Product Manager Brian Mackie:

“We believe we provide the world’s largest, refined and customizable business intelligence repository, with combined daily collection of 450,000 online news articles and 300,000 social media posts, all delivered through a single, convenient portal,” notes Moreover Senior Product Manager Brian Mackie. “While there are other services that excel in one or two categories, our turnkey solution provides it all, all in one place.”

Read the full press release here http://bit.ly/17GQ7e and if you’ve any questions feel free to drop us a line in the comments section below.

“While we continuously expand the scope and type of social media covered, we’re also aware of the critical need to provide filtering and focus so that our clients don’t drown in a sea of uncategorized results,” notes Moreover Technologies CEO Paul Farrell. “Many social media searches give you a haystack when you’re looking for a needle. We get our clients right to the point of their specific search needs.”

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Moreover 3.0: We divest out of VeriSign

Today we are pleased to announce that Moreover Technologies is once again an independent company, following our divestiture out of VeriSign. The official press release is copied below or you can read it here.

The move is good news for the company, its employees, and most importantly our customers. We’re excited about our new independence and the opportunities that lie ahead of us. The web is fast becoming a real-time world and we are in a great position to help drive that charge.

We have had a great few years with VeriSign and worked with many wonderful colleagues, and we look forward toasting both our successes in the years to come.

Thank you!
The Moreover (3.0) team

Investor Group Closes Acquisition of Real-Time Publisher Services Business from VeriSign, Inc.

Download this press release as an Adobe PDF document.

An investor group led by Paul J. Farrell announced today that it has acquired the Real-Time Publisher Services (“RTP”) business from VeriSign, Inc.® (Nasdaq: VRSN). The RTP business will be re-launched as Moreover Technologies, Inc.

To ensure continuity and provide a platform for rapid ramp up of expanded services, we’re bringing aboard most of RTP’s employees

Vienna, VA (PRWEB) May 12, 2009 — An investor group led by Paul J. Farrell announced today that it has acquired the Real-Time Publisher Services (“RTP”) business from VeriSign, Inc.® (Nasdaq: VRSN). The RTP business will be re-launched as Moreover Technologies, Inc.

News Image

The business includes both Content Aggregation Services offered by Moreover Technologies, Inc. (moreover.com), the Web’s premier provider of business intelligence, on demand, and Ping Server Services provided by Weblogs.com (weblogs.com). With this acquisition completed, both services will be consolidated under the Moreover Technologies, Inc. (Moreover) name.

Moreover catalogs 450,000 news articles daily from more than 30,000 news sources. Moreover reviews and filters 3.6 million blog posts daily about virtually every industry to identify and make available a refined repository of 200,000 posts. The company also can access 250 pre-built RSS feeds. Moreover provides this information to major international and domestic clients, including many Fortune 500 companies.

The Moreover services help organizations and consumers track relevant news content by organizing, indexing, and managing massive amounts of constantly-updated online content filtered by source and other criteria in near real-time. Customers of Moreover’s services include small and large corporations, Web portal developers, search engines, press clipping agents, news monitoring services, and general Web consumers. Each of the services offered today can be highly customized to fit the customer’s design, layout, and search requirements.

Investor/entrepreneur Farrell notes that his group acquired the company to innovate and expand its industry leading news and information aggregation, distribution and tracking services.

Objectives include establishment of a business model that will partner closely with major news organizations to extend their reach, build upon an already-robust technology infrastructure, drive innovation in product and service offerings, and make customer service and support a benchmark for the entire online publishing industry.

Farrell is well-suited to the task. As Moreover CEO, he will work hands-on with its ongoing development. He has repeatedly demonstrated his strength incorporating entrepreneurially-nimble innovation within a large corporate framework. The one-time Senior Vice President of Business Development for America Online (AOL) is passionate about, and accomplished at, improving productivity and building best-in-class customer service.

“To ensure continuity and provide a platform for rapid ramp up of expanded services, we’re bringing aboard most of RTP’s employees,” notes Farrell.

Hardeep Bindra, RTP General Manager, points out, “We’re excited for our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. This approach will ensure a smooth transition, and enhance our ability to move forward decisively on key Moreover initiatives.”

For more information about the sale and plans moving forward, contact: salesinfo(at)moreover.com


Paul Farrell, Principal
Company principal Paul Farrell and his team have a track record of technological, marketing and operations transformations in various sized companies. Hallmarks of their stewardship include development of leading-edge technology solutions, reinforcement and expansion of customer service standards and offerings, productivity enhancement, entrepreneurial-style decision-making, and a nimble management infrastructure that enables rapid program implementation in corporate environments.

Farrell is a former America Online (AOL) Senior Vice President of Business Development, who implemented strategic partnerships and expanded business lines and services across the online giant. Farrell possesses three decades of executive-level management, business development and customer service experience, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the Internet, media and enterprise software industries.

Moreover Technologies, Inc.

Moreover was founded in 1998 and acquired by VeriSign in Fall 2005. Moreover was involved with developing the standards for Real Simple Syndication (RSS) 1.0 and continues to advance the technology in this area. Moreover’s current offerings include:

1.   Newsdesk—a hosted news and blog search portal product targeted at corporations for corporate marketing, media monitoring, marketing communications, and RSS aggregation for intranets and websites;

2.   Search Engine Toolkit—provides an Application Programming Interface (API) based access to news and blogs for portals, social networks, online publisher websites, web applications and intranets;

3.   News and User Generated Content (UGC) Metabase—an enriched XML database with constantly updated and indexed free-Web content with Moreover meta data enabling customers to integrate into existing products – e.g., Search Engines, Press Clipping Agents, etc.;

4.   Ping Server Services (weblogs.com)—automatically notifies subscribers when new content is posted to a website or blog ;

5.   Feeddirect for consumers and publishers—a widget product enabling access to and distribution of customized news and information.

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