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Using Newsdesk to Monitor Olympic Coverage: Wrap Up

The 2012 London Olympic Games have come to a close and so has this blog series, looking at which of the Top 11 Corporate Sponsors received the most news coverage.

Newsdesk played the leading role in our ability to quickly find and understand the news coverage for each of these sponsors. It is clear from our data that Visa (Gold), McDonald’s (Silver), and Coca-Cola (Bronze) were the winners in terms of highest volume of news mentions.

share of voice chart

The coverage was not always positive. Each day there was backlash against the International Olympic Committee for allowing the sponsors to dictate the food, payment methods, and even logos that appeared on clothing worn by spectators and athletes at the Olympic Games.

It wasn’t all negative, though. Visa’s series of real-time congratulatory commercials for medalists were quite popular. Also, several athletes had their victory celebrations at McDonald’s after winning their medals, which was widely covered.

The primary goal of this blog series was to quickly find and report relevant data . To this end Newsdesk performed very well.

We built searches beforehand for each top sponsor and included variations on their brand names (e.g. Coca-Cola and Coke). The search results automatically fed into dynamic charts, which helped us visualize the leaders for the previous day. Creating these searches took a little time and thought up-front, but after that it was “set it and forget it”.

Each day we used our charts to identify the day’s leaders. Then we scanned the headlines to see which topics were driving coverage. This took us just a minute or two. From there, it was simple to see trends and find single articles that typified them.

We wrote the blog posts and were done. All-in-all, it was a very quick process and easily repeatable every day.

This is something you could do for your own blog. Tell us in the comments if you would like someone to show you how.

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2012 Olympic News from Newsdesk-Top Olympic Sponsors

Tracking the Top Olympic Sponsors: Who Will the Big Winners Be?

As the opening ceremony of the Games of the XXX Olympiad kicks off this evening, billions of people in more than 200 countries and territories will be watching. Without a doubt, the Olympics are the biggest sporting event on the planet. And according to the official Olympics’ website “one of the most effective international marketing platforms in the world.” But what does “most effective” mean for the 11 worldwide sponsors of this year’s Olympics?

To see who gets the most bang for their buck, we’re monitoring the media coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Sponsors:  ACER, ATOS, Coke,  DOW, GE, McDonalds, Omega, Panasonic, P&G, Samsung, and Visa.

With the help of our award-winning news and research tool, Newsdesk (read about how the top sponsors develop their campaigns), we’ll be mining the data and stories and reporting back to you on how the companies and brands are making out. From traditional news and social media mentions to online reputation management, over the course of the games, we’ll look at what this year’s sponsors are getting for spending tens or hundreds of millions of dollars tying their brand to the Olympic rings.

So check back here every day for our updated analysis. Let us know in the comments what you would like us to examine.


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Communicate Magazine: Drive Productivity Gains with Media Intelligence

We are proud to be featured in this month’s edition of Communicate Magazine, with a piece that we think perfectly describes the imperative for distributing media intelligence across the organization to all employees.

In the article, we argue the following key points:

  • Evidence shows that business decisions based on data as well as intuition increases productivity by 5-6% on average
  • Sharing media intelligence across the organization can be a key driver for making more informed business decisions and raising productivity
  • The free, consumer-focused search engines have proven to be time-consuming, cumbersome tools when it comes to distilling pertinent business news
  • Providing a centralized media intelligence service to the company, with all business news available in one search engine and one interface, is more effective than delivering content in a fragmented way or expecting employees to go it alone
  • Tools such as Moreover’s Newsdesk service offer librarians, marketing and communications teams the opportunity to turn external mass media into competitive advantage by filtering and sharing highly targeted business news directly within people’s day-to-day workflow

Media intelligence continues to trend as a hot topic, with new services and publisher arrangements opening up exciting possibilities for turning mass media into valuable business insight.

If you would like to find out more about Moreover’s media intelligence offerings, including the 3x award-winning Newsdesk service, then visit our website or drop us a line - we’ll be glad to explore your requirements with you.

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Read FreePint’s new product review of Newsdesk

FreePint’s VIP Magazine just published their very positive product review of Newsdesk, Moreover’s media intelligence service used for media monitoring, competitive intelligence, and enterprise-wide news sharing.

Read the reviewer’s summary in his blog post. Subscribers can read the full review in this month’s VIP Magazine.

To learn more about how Newsdesk helps marketing, information professionals and corporate communications teams take advantage of media intelligence, just visit our website.


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How to Turn Mass Media into Media Intelligence – Part 1

Today’s companies operate in a world of Internet-driven mass media with the power to shape our perceptions and blindside company reputations. At Moreover, our job is to help you turn this media maelstrom into media intelligence for competitive advantage.

In this series of posts, we’ll be going through the multiple aspects of a successful media intelligence strategy, and offer concrete advice and insight for turning global news and social media into a powerful strategic asset.

Part 1 – Encourage employee engagement and corporate identity by sharing external media

News forms opinions, and everyone is exposed to it. External commentary about a company can inform employee perceptions, in part precisely because it is external – an independent voice as opposed to perceived corporate spin.

Organizations may take a laissez-faire approach and let events play out, or they may choose to engage proactively and use external media perspectives to positively reinforce internal communications objectives.

For example, an effective media intelligence solution can ensure that upbeat articles about the company or sector are consistently shared across the organization, helping to buoy morale amongst staff, while a negative story can be assuaged by internal commentary explaining the situation.

Sharing targeted media coverage is a way to showcase any area that the company is involved in, from the success of a marketing campaign to the impact of a corporate social responsibility initiative, invigorating team spirit and a sense of pride.

Ultimately, external media perspectives hold up a mirror to the company. In a world where information is free, instant, and shared, honesty and openness become quintessential qualities of successful media intelligence campaign.

Here are three key features to look for in a successful media intelligence solution:

  • Establish media distribution channels across a company. This gives corporate communications teams access to employees’ media consumption and a measure of influence over it. Delivering news through the intranet using RSS feeds and making it part of an employee’s day-to-day workflow is a typical aspect of such an approach. It offers an unintrusive “FYI” user experience and removes the issues around ad-hoc company emails such as whether to send and who to include.
  • Full editorial control over RSS feeds. You need the option to manually add and remove individual stories from RSS feeds without having to go through an IT department, for example to remove an unwanted story. It must be easy to edit the search terms of feeds so you can cater for evolving topics and sudden events. You might also want full editorial control so you only publish articles that have been handpicked from a wider set of results.
  • The ability to add the company’s view to news events. As a corporate communications team you should be able to add commentary to news articles, for example to explain the company position or to flag the importance of a particular article. A media intelligence tool should make this a quick and easy process.

Today’s media intelligence services such as Moreover’s Newsdesk service offer a great opportunity to turn mass media into a powerful instrument for achieving key corporate communications goals.

If you’d like to learn more about how the award-winning Newsdesk service helps corporate communications and information professionals achieve results, then contact us or visit our website for details.

Next post: Part 2 – Drive Informed Decision-Making with Company-Wide News Distribution


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Newsdesk Training: Brush Up On the Basics or Learn Something New

Newsdesk was designed to be intuitive and easy-to-learn, but sometimes we need a bit of guidance. Maybe you’re new to your company or missed an initial round of training. Whatever the reason, if you’re interested in training, contact Client Services. We have some suggested topics to get you going:

  • General overview
  • Creating searches
  • Analytics
  • Redistribution of content (XML feeds, email alerts, and newsletters)

We are continually adding new features and improving existing ones, so even if you’re an old pro, there may be a thing or two yet to learn.

Representatives are available from 8:30am GMT – 1:00am GMT (3:30am EST – 8:00pm EST), so we can accommodate a wide variety of schedules and time zones.

See our Newsdesk training page for more information.

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Moreover Technologies Partners with Yammer

Yammer LogoWe are very excited to announce our new partnership with Yammer. Moreover’s Newsdesk platform now utilizes Yammer Embed, adding a conversation layer to our media intelligence services.

Here’s what Paul Farrell, Moreover Technologies’ President, has to say about the partnership:

“The ability for users to add comments and share business news socially across the organization is a natural extension of Moreover’s media intelligence service. Yammer makes this seamless, it’s a perfect fit for our customers.”

Read more about Yammer and Moreover here.

Want to test it out? Drop us a line.

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Tradition Energy’s TheEnergyDesk.com Powered by Moreover

the energy deskTradition Energy required a service that could track and distribute targeted business news and industry trends, providing customers with actionable media intelligence while still fresh enough to make a difference.

Read about how Moreover Technologies helped Tradition Energy and visit TheEnenergyDesk.com and view customized, live Newsdesk feeds in action.

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Moreover Expands Its Coverage of Forums

In addition to the newly available TV and radio data. Moreover is now monitoring millions more forums and message boards. Together with online news, PDFs of hard-copy articles, blogs, Twitter, Q&A sites, Facebook pages and more, this allows for a 360 degree view of the news and social media landscape.

Click here to read more about our new coverage of forums.

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Moreover Newsdesk New Features Update 17 Nov ’11

Here’s an update on the latest feature enhancements from yesterday’s Newsdesk point release.

Content is indeed king in the world of media intelligence (as indeed Bill Gates mused in 1996), so we put some of our attention this sprint on helping customers see exactly which sources we cover and how we rank them.

Here’s the full summary:

  • A brand new “Coverage” section: A whole new area devoted to showing clients exactly which sources we index, and how we classify them, adding context to media analytics and giving confidence that we have key media covered.  We’ll be building this out in the coming weeks to add more info and global harvesting stats.

Moreover Newsdesk Source Detail

  • Yammer and Twitter integration: Now you can post links to Yammer, the enterprise social network service. You can also Tweet articles.

    Moreover Newsdesk Yammer Post

  • Spanish helpfile: The helpfile is now available in Spanish, completing the Spanish user interface we released two weeks ago.
  • A new Usage Stats section:  We’ve also introduced a new stats section for Newsdesk admin users. Now you can see login activity across the account, view active users, and help get a gauge on ROI.

We hope you like the latest installment. If you’re not a client and want to find out more then here’s the link. Talk to you again in two weeks time!

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