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Communicate Magazine: Drive Productivity Gains with Media Intelligence

We are proud to be featured in this month’s edition of Communicate Magazine, with a piece that we think perfectly describes the imperative for distributing media intelligence across the organization to all employees.

In the article, we argue the following key points:

  • Evidence shows that business decisions based on data as well as intuition increases productivity by 5-6% on average
  • Sharing media intelligence across the organization can be a key driver for making more informed business decisions and raising productivity
  • The free, consumer-focused search engines have proven to be time-consuming, cumbersome tools when it comes to distilling pertinent business news
  • Providing a centralized media intelligence service to the company, with all business news available in one search engine and one interface, is more effective than delivering content in a fragmented way or expecting employees to go it alone
  • Tools such as Moreover’s Newsdesk service offer librarians, marketing and communications teams the opportunity to turn external mass media into competitive advantage by filtering and sharing highly targeted business news directly within people’s day-to-day workflow

Media intelligence continues to trend as a hot topic, with new services and publisher arrangements opening up exciting possibilities for turning mass media into valuable business insight.

If you would like to find out more about Moreover’s media intelligence offerings, including the 3x award-winning Newsdesk service, then visit our website or drop us a line - we’ll be glad to explore your requirements with you.

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Read FreePint’s new product review of Newsdesk

FreePint’s VIP Magazine just published their very positive product review of Newsdesk, Moreover’s media intelligence service used for media monitoring, competitive intelligence, and enterprise-wide news sharing.

Read the reviewer’s summary in his blog post. Subscribers can read the full review in this month’s VIP Magazine.

To learn more about how Newsdesk helps marketing, information professionals and corporate communications teams take advantage of media intelligence, just visit our website.


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How to Turn Mass Media into Media Intelligence – Part 2

Today’s companies operate in a world of Internet-driven mass media with the power to shape our perceptions and blindside company reputations. At Moreover, our job is to help you turn this media maelstrom into market  intelligence for competitive advantage.


Moreover Technologies Newsdesk Screenshot

In this series of posts, we’ll be going through the multiple aspects of a successful media intelligence strategy, and offer concrete advice and insight for turning global news and social media into a powerful strategic asset.

Part 2 – Drive Informed Decision-Making with Company-Wide News Distribution

A 2011 study from the Sloan School of Management, MIT, entitled ‘Strength in Numbers: How Does Data-Driven Decision Making Affect Firm Performance‘, showed that companies that had adopted “data-driven decision making” achieved productivity gains of 5-6% in comparison to companies that remained focused on experience and intuition. Enough of a difference, according to the authors, to “separate winners from losers in most industries”.

It is clear, then, that timely access to key news sources is crucial. Of course, information professionals and corporate librarians have long provided this important function for businesses. But media consumption habits have changed dramatically over the last 15 years. Decision makers up and down the organization now expect the experience of the Web: Fast, hyperlinked, and on-demand.

Companies that extended the original librarian-focused news services to the rest of the organization often found themselves with ballooning costs – businesses were suddenly paying a premium for all-embracing publisher licenses when a timely link to a news website would have sufficed. At the other extreme, employees have been left to fend for themselves, with Google News the de facto service provider. But ultimately, as research by Outsell showed, consumer-focused search engines fail to serve business needs, with too much time wasted on sifting through irrelevant results.

Consequently, new media intelligence services have emerged, combining the immediacy of a Google type service with the imperatives of a business audience. Company-wide news distribution that is personalized to department and even down to individual employee level is increasingly the norm, with businesses now actively managing the consumption of news within the organization.

Here are three key features to look for in a successful media intelligence solution focused on company-wide news sharing:

  • Flexible news distribution options. The ability to serve business news through a variety of channels will improve the user experience and its effectiveness. Ideally, information is provided to users directly within the work-flow at point of use. Make sure that your media intelligence service supports automated email alerts, hand-edited newsletters, RSS feeds, and potentially an API to directly integrate business news on the intranet.
  • Powerful business-focused search filters. The ability to curate highly focused search results that can be individually tailored to specific audiences is absolutely paramount. The aim is for every single article to be relevant. To achieve this, you need powerful filtering options, including the ability to segment the media (e.g. regional vs national vs trade), select or block specific sources, emphasize particular keywords, and remove duplicate articles such as press releases.
  • Worldwide media coverage with custom source additions. A successful solution must satisfy the diverse information needs within a company, stretching across industries, professions, countries and languages, from mainstream topics to highly individualized interests. In order to cater to special interests and new projects, you must be able to add new sources on request at relatively short notice, including private publisher licenses.

Moreover Technologies Dual CODiE awards
Turning mass media it into actionable media intelligence is a fascinating opportunity for companies chasing productivity gains and competitive advantage. At Moreover Technologies we have made it our mission to help companies succeed at this challenge, with the award-winning Newsdesk servicedesigned specifically for this purpose. 

If you’d like to learn more about Newsdesk and how Moreover helps corporate communications and information professionals achieve results, then contact us or visit our website for details.

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Part 3 – The Power of Consolidating Media Access Through a Single Enterprise News Hub

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Part 1 – Encourage Employee Engagement and Corporate Identity by Sharing External Media


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How to Turn Mass Media into Media Intelligence – Part 1

Today’s companies operate in a world of Internet-driven mass media with the power to shape our perceptions and blindside company reputations. At Moreover, our job is to help you turn this media maelstrom into media intelligence for competitive advantage.

In this series of posts, we’ll be going through the multiple aspects of a successful media intelligence strategy, and offer concrete advice and insight for turning global news and social media into a powerful strategic asset.

Part 1 – Encourage employee engagement and corporate identity by sharing external media

News forms opinions, and everyone is exposed to it. External commentary about a company can inform employee perceptions, in part precisely because it is external – an independent voice as opposed to perceived corporate spin.

Organizations may take a laissez-faire approach and let events play out, or they may choose to engage proactively and use external media perspectives to positively reinforce internal communications objectives.

For example, an effective media intelligence solution can ensure that upbeat articles about the company or sector are consistently shared across the organization, helping to buoy morale amongst staff, while a negative story can be assuaged by internal commentary explaining the situation.

Sharing targeted media coverage is a way to showcase any area that the company is involved in, from the success of a marketing campaign to the impact of a corporate social responsibility initiative, invigorating team spirit and a sense of pride.

Ultimately, external media perspectives hold up a mirror to the company. In a world where information is free, instant, and shared, honesty and openness become quintessential qualities of successful media intelligence campaign.

Here are three key features to look for in a successful media intelligence solution:

  • Establish media distribution channels across a company. This gives corporate communications teams access to employees’ media consumption and a measure of influence over it. Delivering news through the intranet using RSS feeds and making it part of an employee’s day-to-day workflow is a typical aspect of such an approach. It offers an unintrusive “FYI” user experience and removes the issues around ad-hoc company emails such as whether to send and who to include.
  • Full editorial control over RSS feeds. You need the option to manually add and remove individual stories from RSS feeds without having to go through an IT department, for example to remove an unwanted story. It must be easy to edit the search terms of feeds so you can cater for evolving topics and sudden events. You might also want full editorial control so you only publish articles that have been handpicked from a wider set of results.
  • The ability to add the company’s view to news events. As a corporate communications team you should be able to add commentary to news articles, for example to explain the company position or to flag the importance of a particular article. A media intelligence tool should make this a quick and easy process.

Today’s media intelligence services such as Moreover’s Newsdesk service offer a great opportunity to turn mass media into a powerful instrument for achieving key corporate communications goals.

If you’d like to learn more about how the award-winning Newsdesk service helps corporate communications and information professionals achieve results, then contact us or visit our website for details.

Next post: Part 2 – Drive Informed Decision-Making with Company-Wide News Distribution


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Tradition Energy’s TheEnergyDesk.com Powered by Moreover

the energy deskTradition Energy required a service that could track and distribute targeted business news and industry trends, providing customers with actionable media intelligence while still fresh enough to make a difference.

Read about how Moreover Technologies helped Tradition Energy and visit TheEnenergyDesk.com and view customized, live Newsdesk feeds in action.

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