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News publishers feed into Daily Deals

One of the major Web success stories of the past 12 months has been the rise and rise (including a $6bn Google snub late last year) of Groupon, and other similar deal-of-the-day type sites.  With the huge buzz and demand for these sites seemingly set to continue we are now seeing a flurry of publishers joining the phenomenon by partnering with the deal-of-the-day sites or creating their own in-house versions.

In the States both McClatchy and Media General have teamed up with Groupon to offer localised daily deals, the NYT have their own TimesLimited and now Hearst have a white label agreement with Analog Analytics to offer similar local deals.

European publishers aren’t too far behind as the Telegraph, DMGT, Archant, and Axel Springer are all moving into the group buying space, with rival publishers surely not too far behind.

Of course, as the home of content aggregation, the team here at Moreover are busy working away on a “one stop shop” for all the deals in your area, so if you’re interested in receiving one of our free daily alerts for all the deals where you live then get in touch below!

6 Comments March 22, 2011

Moreover Sport News iPhone app reminder

Just a quick update to let everyone know the Moreover iPhone app is still going strong, and we’ve just updated the ‘Sport Events’ feeds set with some forthcoming spectacles of sport.  Gone are the Ryder Cup and Commonwealth Games, and as we head into winter we’ve replaced them with two events sure to be dominating the back pages over coming months.. The Ashes news, as England seek to retain urn won in 2009, and the road to the Cowboys Stadium for Super Bowl XLV will be covered by NFL Playoffs news.

Download the app here and let us know if there are any events you think we should be covering in the app!

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Moreover Sport News app moves into extra-time

We hope you’ve all been enjoying our first iPhone app since its release earlier in the year, but with the new football season fast approaching and an autumn full of sport ahead we decided it was the right time to listen to your feedback by updating the app with extra features.

We’ve still got all the sport feeds you’re familiar with but now added the ability to create your own saved searches and customised feeds.  So search for your favourite team or niche sport over our categories to get breaking news and latest scores from global sport news sources.

We’ve also added localised menus for US, UK, Global, and Event (think the Ryder Cup, Tour de France etc) focused sport, so whatever your interest we’ve got it covered.  Download the app from iTunes here, and as before tell us your thoughts so we can score another app success!

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Kick-off the season with Moreover feeds

As football fans across the UK, and the world, get ready for the start of the new Premier league season we would like to remind you of the best place to check all the latest news and transfer gossip from your team.

Subscribe to Moreover’s free RSS news feeds to read up on all the action, from Michael Owen’s first United injury goal to who tops the table come May. If you’ve any thoughts on the feeds or don’t see your team (sorry, no Football League teams just yet) then drop us a comment below.

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Moreover’s free RSS feeds now includes blogs

We’ve just added blogs to the free Moreover RSS feeds pages. The blog search runs over the latest posts from around 250,000 blogs, i.e. those on the UGC Metabase White List.  You can use the sliders to increase the relevancy and quality of the search results, for example slide the sources filter to the right and you’ll just get results from top blogs (using Moreover’s feedRank).

Blog search and RSS feeds


You can also select one of the prebuilt feed categories and search within that – by sticking to a predefined universe of content you can get even more specific with your results.  The full list of the new blog feeds is also on the prebuilt feeds page, just click the green RSS icons,

free blog RSS feeds

We hope you like these latest additions! Let us know if you have any comments, we love to hear from you, or if you’ve got a blog you want us to include in the search just drop us a line with the address.

1 Comment July 15, 2009

Moreover for finding “incredible content”

A nice mention on Search Engine Journal of the free Moreover.com RSS feeds, as a way for finding great content –


Thanks Search Engine Journal!  Good feedback too about finding the right content, we’ll continue to work on those features. In the meantime users can adjust relevancy of the results with the two slider bars there – the relevancy filter looks for articles that mention your search keywords the most, while the sources filter lets you select just top sources. You can also search within any of the prebuilt news categories.

free feeds screenshot

At the moment it’s just news but we’ll be adding blogs soon, check back in the next week or two.

3 Comments June 22, 2009

Adding Moreover RSS to IE7′s search

Here’s a tip for IE7 users (and presume ditto for IE8): Add a Moreover RSS feed builder straight to your browser’s search box:

IE7 search box

1. Click the dropdown next to the browser’s search box, and select Find more providers

2. Enter the following URL in the Create your own section,

3. Hit Install – et c’est tout…


If you just want to link back to our search page instead of RSS, use this URL: http://w.moreover.com/public/free_services/rss_feeds.html?query=TEST


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Updated news search and RSS feeds

We’ve tweaked the free RSS feeds section on our site and made it a bit more friendly to use. 

But the big new thrill is that you can run your keyword searches over our 600 news categories (‘woods’ over golf news, ‘black hole’ over space science news, etc) and effectively use the categories to filter the news for very targeted results.

screenshot moreover.com rss feed builder

new rss feed search 


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New city feeds, Jack

We’ve added a bunch of new US city feeds to our list of news categories –


Anchorage news
Austin news
Charlotte news
Cincinnati news
Cleveland-Akron news
Colorado Springs news
El Paso news
Fresno news
Hampton Roads news
Honolulu news
Jacksonville news
Louisville news
Nashville news
Portland-Salem news
Raleigh-Durham news
Sacramento news
Silicon Valley news

The total feed count is now 630, though with the search option you can obviously create your own, as many as you like.  Missing any cities from the list? Send us a note via the feedback page!

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Combine feeds and search within RSS

Good news for those who like their news done good – We’ve added a few options to the free RSS feeds on the Moreover.com website so you can tailor them even tighter by topic.  Now you can combine, cross-reference and block feeds from each other.  You can also run keyword searches over the news categories and create your own custom versions. It’s easy, go to the Combine Feeds page to find out how.

A few examples for your delectation:

- merge feeds:

http://p.moreover.com/page?dh=earliest&o=rss002&wiz=2390512&c=Top business stories|Top stories|Top finance stories|Top US stories|Top UK stories

- cross-reference feeds:

http://p.moreover.com/page?dh=earliest&o=rss002&wiz=2390512&c=Environment news|Climate change news&c=China news|India news|Indonesia news

- block feeds:

http://p.moreover.com/page?dh=earliest&o=rss002&wiz=2390512&c=Central America news|Caribbean news&c=!Mexico news|Cuba news

- keyword search over feeds:

http://p.moreover.com/page?dh=earliest&o=rss002&wiz=2390512&c=Environment news|Climate change news&c=China news|India news|Indonesia news&query=government AND (target OR targets)


You can also combine any of the above, for instance keyword search over a set of cross-referenced feeds.  We also added another 100 feeds to the list of prebuilts, takes it up to 600.  Suppose more news equals good news…


5 Comments December 19, 2008

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