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The Stegg Competition

In the spirit of Spring and the Easter holiday this weekend…We held a competition today and the ingredients were Stuart’s Organic Free Range Eggs [Steggs] plus a sprinkling of love and a dollop of imagination [or imaginatively bought ready-made cakes in some cases!] Stuart is one of Moreover Technologies’ top Sales staff in the UK. While we are not Martha Stewart… our team had a lot of fun and we really had a GREAT time.. not to mention some GREAT EATS!!

Highlights included:

  • Divine homemade cookies from resident blogger Zak.
  • Ginger Snap baskets with homemade custard and chocolate eggs from Michelle. (special award for the most work)
  • Giant Scotch Eggs from Mark.
  • Cakes that were on special offer at M&S from Si
  • Spicy Egg Biriyani from Brian.
  • Lovely moist Ginger cake from Lee (well his wife).
  • Chocolate, walnut & sour cherry brownies from Fareita.
  • Chocolate eggs from Dot

At the beginning there were a few dubious looks at the spread before us.

worried Sam

We then got in to the spirit of things tucking in and growing Ginger Snap tashes.

We tasted everything on offer and marked all dishes out of 10.

Tallying up the results there were a few cheeky comments!

Scotch eggs were very sausagey?!

The Winner Takes it All:

Mark and his Scotch Eggs!

With thanks to

  • All of those who participated well done!
  • Stapleford Hall Farm for the freshest tastiest eggs.
  • Mr Boardman for the Photography
  • Katie for organising and displaying the spread of food
  • Moreover UK Staff for eating everything.

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