June 24th World Cup Coverage

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World Cup coverage has reached over 470,000 articles published, with more than 20,000 in the past 24 hours alone. The US Team is dominating coverage among the 32 teams, mentioned in nearly 10% of all articles. Below shows a timeline for the US team’s coverage over the past week; guess when they were playing Portugal.

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Most Talked About Player:

No surprise here: media darling Cristiano Ronaldo dominated the media despite not making goals like the less-mentioned Nani, Clint Dempsey, Silvestre Varela, and Jermaine Jones.

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England v. Costa Rica

Despite England’s unfortunate World Cup games so far, they are still heavily featured in the media compared to Costa Rica in today’s match. Overall article sentiment for Costa Rica is 11.3% positive, while England’s coverage is 12.6% positive.

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These are just a few of today’s stats pulled from Newsdesk. They were comprised of the following media types:

Broadcast: 4,093 sources
Print: 21,238 sources
News: 54,806 sources
Social: 3,456,863 sources

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June 18 World Cup Coverage

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World Cup coverage is heating up with 370,000 articles recently published — and 1,966 new articles in just one hour. Surprisingly, this wasn’t on opening day. It occurred between 5 and 6 pm EDT on Monday, June 16th.

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June 19th Matches:

England had a disappointing loss the other day, and their upcoming match is receiving quite a bit of hype. For Thursday’s matches, England v. Uruguay dominates the media with more than 80% of articles published.

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Most Talked About Player:

Mexico’s goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa, is the most talked about player from the past 24 hours, taking up almost 20% of the coverage.

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These are just a few of today’s stats pulled from Newsdesk. They were comprised of the following media types:

Broadcast: 4,093 sources
Print: 21,238 sources
News: 54,806 sources
Social: 3,456,863 sources


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2014 World Cup Media Coverage

June 16 Analysis, Powered by Moreover Newsdesk

Like the rest of the world, our eyes are on the 2014 World Cup. We’re covering it with Newsdesk. Below are just a few of the stats and unique analysis from Newsdesk for today.

Worldwide Coverage:

Media outlets from around the world have been pouring out news recently, with about 350,000 articles published, peaking at 25,000 on June 12th.

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June 16th Matches:

The US and Ghana’s match has captured more than 40% of the news articles about today’s matches, helped along by the fact that Ghana beat the US in the last two World Cups.

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Most Talked About Player:

Lionel Messi, after making his second World Cup goal, has risen to the top of the media coverage chart with 2,304 articles about him in the past 24 hours.

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Worldwide Coverage Map:

The whole world is covering the World Cup, with clear leaders among media powerhouses such as the US (8,203 articles in past 24 hours) and the UK (2,487 articles in past 24 hours).

--Total-Coverage-Map 6.16Click to enlarge

These are just a few of today’s stats pulled from Newsdesk. They were comprised of the following media types:

Broadcast: 4,093 sources
Print: 21,238 sources
News: 54,806 sources
Social: 3,456,863 sources

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How DDI Africa Gained International Exposure

The Oscar Pistorius trial has dominated the media for several months. Every word said, every person mentioned, and every product involved has been covered extensively. DDI Africa, a Newsdesk reseller in South Africa, has followed the trial from the start. As a result, DDI has gained widespread exposure in 180 articles, 52 radio stations, on television with two main networks, and extensive online coverage.

Tonya Khoury, Managing Director at DDI, shared how they were able to get all of this coverage.  She devoted hours every day to finding new angles to cover to keep publishers and readers engaged, providing them to journalists, and feeding content to social media sites. Every morning and some evenings, daily stats were sent to a growing list of contacts.

At the beginning of the trial, DDI reached out to the four main publishing houses who own most of the channels in South Africa. The first publisher to pick up her stats asked Tonya to read them each morning on the radio show set up to cover the trial. Listeners quickly contacted DDI for more information, so they began emailing stat update articles once or twice a day. One of their articles compared the amount of coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial and the World Cup. This comparison caught the attention of the Associated Press and they picked up the story.

DDI Oscar vs WW News  DDI Oscar WW Coverage
Two charts DDI sent to journalists on March 18th. The first shows that during the past 24 hours of world news Oscar was bigger than the Malaysian Airline Missing Plane, the World Cup, and news about the Crimea. The second is a Heat Map showing global distribution of the “Trial of the Decade” coverage. Click each to enlarge.

The rest, as they say, is history. Tonya and DDI have seen their brand awareness skyrocket as they discovered interesting angles within Newsdesk and then fed them to the media. DDI is now transitioning their Oscar coverage into mainstream news, and continues to provide unique twists on the stories journalists are already writing about. Moreover is excited to see the next evolution in DDI’s creative use of Newsdesk.

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One Way Enterprises Are Complying with Copyright Laws

hWith dozens of U.S. publishers and thousands of titles going behind paywalls, copyright compliance is getting more attention and more complicated.

For example, some publishers allow you to keep licensed content for 28 days, some 30 days, and others for 60 days. Publishers also charge varying licensing fees for access to their different publications. Keeping track of what content requires a license, how long it can be kept, and if it can be redistributed, can be time-consuming and tricky.

Companies must comply with copyright laws or risk expensive fines and lawsuits. As a result, many enterprises are turning to content licensing services to ensure they’re properly copying, distributing, posting, and consuming content. Some platforms consolidate publicly available and paywall content, make it searchable, and disseminate it across the entire organization in accordance with copyright laws. Content consolidation can result in compliance departments saving about 67% on their licensing bills and alleviate many headaches.

As Deloitte’s Insights for CFOs article recently noted, “In the end, enterprise compliance is about taking a centralized view of compliance, regardless of whether processes or functional units are executed centrally. Even in a decentralized environment, there needs to be a way for leaders to look across their compliance infrastructure to understand, monitor and address developments. The winning model for enterprise compliance is the one that can deliver that view in a consistent and efficient way.”

Whether a centralized or decentralized approach to copyright compliance is best for your company, it makes good sense for marketing and communications professionals to consider content consolidation to gain legal access to the right information at the right time. Acquiring content and rights from a multitude of sources can only lead to complexity, confusion, and higher risk of non-compliance. Consider looking at single provider solutions to control costs and cut through the administrative and legal inefficiencies of copyright compliance.

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SIIA says: “Companies must adhere to copyright laws or face the consequences”

        Just last week, we noted that the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) had restructured their anti-piracy division to combat copyright infringement. Now, they’ve unveiled the details of their new compliance initiative “aimed at ensuring that companies who are copying, distributing, posting, and using their content are properly licensed.”

The SIIA has launched a widespread educational campaign to get the word out to companies globally about the program. They’re also offering a short grace period to allow companies to remedy copyright violations and obtain the proper licenses to use and distribute content.

If your organization uses and distributes published content, make sure you are fully aware of the latest changes. Read the SIIA’s detailed post on PR Week.


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Newsdesk Adds Sentiment and MozRank

Newsdesk improvements are driven by what customers ask for and we make a point of listening. The most recent updates take big steps forward with added functionality, including Article Sentiment, MozRank, and the ability to manage unused facets.

Article Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment allows you to evaluate whether articles are positive, neutral, or negative.  Available as a new facet, a chart breakdown, and an advanced search option (ex. ‘sentiment:Positive’), it covers English language news articles rank 1-4, and will be expanding soon. There are also plans to drill down to sentiment on an entity level; the people and companies, for instance, within an article. Clients that want to have article sentiment turned on in their Newsdesk can reach out to Client Services.


SEO specialists will recognize Moz’s MozRank metric, which is a link popularity score helpful in determining an article’s influence on the web. The ranking runs from 0 (lowest rank) to 10 (highest rank), and is currently being applied to the majority of all news sources. MozRank will appear in the search facets. It is also available as a chart breakdown in the Analytics Tab and an advanced search option (ex. ‘mozRank:4’).

New Breakdown Options in Analytics

You can now break down their feeds by Topic, Stock Ticker and the OpenCalais powered Person, Company, Organization and Product data in charts.

“site:” Search

Newsdesk now allows searches for articles by domain. The advanced search command ‘site:’ works the same as a Google site: search, meaning a site:bbc.co.uk search will only return articles from the BBC. Users don’t necessarily need to know an exact Moreover source name as simply searching on the domain will return relevant results.

Clickable Author Names

Author names are now clickable whenever an author’s URL is available. The best examples are microblog content such Twitter and Sina Weibo.

Coming Soon:

Facet Control

The facet list down the right side of a search can be long, and not all of them are always needed. Soon you will be able to click the small hyphen to the right of each facet to hide it.  Hidden facets can be unhidden later from a menu at the bottom of the list.

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SIIA Forms New Division to Protect Publishers from Unlicensed Use of Content

siia_logoThe fair use of online intellectual property has been a well-publicized topic for many years, with conflicts arising between publishers and consumers. To help publishers protect their proprietary content, the SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) recently announced the formation of its Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) division.

The SIIA is well known for its efforts to protect, promote, and inform the software and information industry. The renaming and larger scope of the association’s anti-piracy unit are evidence of a renewed commitment to ensure compliance. Through the IPP division, the SIIA will increase its efforts to investigate and resolve the illegal use of publishers’ online and offline content.

Publishers’ rights to compensation for their unique content have resulted in more lawsuits to protect it. Companies and end users are required to differentiate between content available for fair use and content that requires a license. The SIIA is working to ensure that publishers get paid for their content, and encourages companies to work with them to identify and protect licensed content. When the SIIA’s IPP division identifies a compliance violation from a corporation, it will take steps to resolve the violation, including litigation on the publisher’s behalf.

For more information about the SIIA IPP Division, click here.


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Three New Ways You Can Use Newsdesk

Here at Moreover, we’re focused on not only bringing you the news and information you need, but making it as easy and productive as possible to use. Check out these three recently added capabilities designed to save you time and improve your Newsdesk experience.

Tablet View

If you’re a tablet user, you’ll like this: we’ve optimized the Newsdesk experience for you, including a streamlined feed reader and news search. There’s more: the new tablet view can also be “skinned” with a theme to match your corporate brand. Contact Client Services to create a theme for your company.

Tablet View 2

Read Later

Have you noticed a new button when you view articles? The new Read Later button lets Newsdesk desktop and tablet users save articles to a special folder for reading later.  Just click “Read Later” on any article to save it in a new feed called Read Later.

Broadcast Player

New enhancements to the Newsdesk Broadcast player let you edit (clip), download, and save TV and radio clips to your local computer. Now you can search, view, edit, preview, and download the exact reference point of interest – great for pinpointing a specific segment so that other users don’t need to view the entire clip. Plus, we’ve improved text highlighting and performance, and added viewership/audience information that can be used for media analysis.

While the new player is available now, the editing/downloading functionality will be available in the first quarter of 2014. If you’re interested in piloting the edit and download functionality, please contact your Moreover account manager.


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Happy New Year from Moreover Technologies!


In 2013, we hit a new record: 1,873,059 news articles harvested in one day! We believe that 2014 will see the surpassing of even more records as volume and channels continue to multiply. The news doesn’t stop and neither does Moreover.

Our goals for the New Year are to help you keep up with the news and information that is most relevant to your business and your customers – no matter how much the volume grows.

Whatever your goals may be for the year ahead, from all of us at Moreover, we wish you success and a very Happy 2014!

Don’t miss out on the latest news and updates from Moreover. Subscribe to our RSS feed or follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+.  

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