Happy New Year from Moreover Technologies!


In 2013, we hit a new record: 1,873,059 news articles harvested in one day! We believe that 2014 will see the surpassing of even more records as volume and channels continue to multiply. The news doesn’t stop and neither does Moreover.

Our goals for the New Year are to help you keep up with the news and information that is most relevant to your business and your customers – no matter how much the volume grows.

Whatever your goals may be for the year ahead, from all of us at Moreover, we wish you success and a very Happy 2014!

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Black Friday Is Going Global!

Black Friday has grown from a largely American shopping event to one that is celebrated in multiple countries around the world. To provide a glimpse of its popularity, here is a graph from Newsdesk’s analytics, without US media coverage, focusing on other countries over the last 7 days:

  Black-Friday-Countries-minus-US(click to enlarge)

While this looks like some good media coverage, especially over just one week, check out this graph, which includes the US:

Black-Friday-Countries(click to enlarge)

Americans love their Black Friday, and the news and social media mentions certainly echo that. So what are they shopping for? Here is a word cloud with some of the most popular products being talked about:

Black-Friday-Countries-2(click to enlarge)

Do you see anything in there that you plan to buy?

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FreePint Review of Newsdesk Just Released

It’s been 18 months since FreePrint looked at Newsdesk. This month’s new review highlights the significant changes and improvements made to the product.

“Newsdesk has evolved from a news aggregator into a collaborative current awareness tool.” FreePint reviewer, Penny Crossland, calls the award-winning solution: “Valuable for the enterprise. End-user friendly and sophisticated….highly recommended.”

Click to read the review now

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New White Paper: Reduce the cost and risk of licensing content

papercoverRecently, the biggest issue to cause sleepless nights for the global heads of communications is the pressure from the Risk Department to protect against copyright violations. The challenge is that overall budgets are not increasing to address compliance. Consequently, copyright compliance within a very restrictive budget is the leading issue.

When interviewing global heads of communication, the concerns that surface are:

  • “How can I optimize my budget, while being compliant, and still get all the content I need?”
  • “How I can share specific global news, print, broadcast and social media worldwide to employees and stay within budget and be compliant?”
  • “Is there important content I’m missing out on? And how long can I keep content?”

Click here to continue reading.

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Reading the Signs: Competitive Analysis in Baseball and Business

rynesandbergToday’s post is a contribution from Sales Executive, Ryan Williams.

Well folks, the 2013 MLB season is almost over. The Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals are battling it out to become World Series Champs; which, as a Baltimore Orioles fan, is pretty disheartening. However, as some of us continue to cheer and others can only wait for next season, we can all agree that the game of baseball drives home valuable business insights. Let me explain one of those in more detail.

Baseball teams need to communicate effectively by relaying the right information, to the right people, at the right time. For example, coaches relay signs to hitters; catchers relay signs to pitchers. If this information is miscommunicated, then there is bound to be a failure in the execution of a pitch or offensive situation, which makes for some pretty ugly baseball.

On top of that, the competitor is trying to steal signs to get as much of a competitive advantage as possible. Most people would consider this being resourceful (If the other team is going to tell you what pitches are coming, wouldn’t you want to know?). However, don’t make it too obvious or else this could happen.

In business, we consider “stealing signs” a way of analyzing your competitive landscape. If there is free, public information out there, then we should have access to it to make better decisions. However, not every sign actually means something. So, if the whole purpose of giving signs is to share the RIGHT INFORMATION, to the RIGHT PEOPLE, at the RIGHT TIME, how do we filter out only what is actually relevant?

Let’s break this down:

THE RIGHT INFORMATION – People want access to all available information and content, but they don’t have time to actually go through it all. They need to filter through the noise to know what is being said about them, by whom, about what, and at what time. They want the functionality of an automated system, yet the ability to manually curate specific content when needed.

THE RIGHT PEOPLE – Who needs to be aware of this information so that they go execute the game plan? For example, the catcher needs to relay the right sign to the pitcher, but not the left fielder. In an organization, every stakeholder needs to be on the same page about the direction of the company, as well as, where they stand in the competitive landscape. The fastest way to the top, however, is to deliver the right information to the key decision makers.

THE RIGHT TIME – Some say that timing is everything. In baseball, a hitter only has fractions of a second to recognize the pitch and commit to swinging, or not. In today’s world, people want near real-time results. If a breaking news story written today is not discovered until tomorrow, how can a company actually stay ahead of the curve?

Whether you work in communications, marketing, or the knowledge and research center, there is a need to find the right information and distribute it to the right people, at the right time. With today’s emphasis on convenience, people want a way to search on a topic across all media types, identify the relevant sources, people, companies, and trends, and then allow you to distribute only what matters to the people who matter most; ALL in ONE platform. That’s exactly what the people at Moreover Technologies have built with their Newsdesk platform.

Tell us about you! How do you gather the right information today?

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Improve Searches with Newsdesk’s New Sources Tab

This week when you log into Newsdesk, you will see the Coverage tab has been replaced by a new Sources tab. These changes provide a new way of exploring content inside of Newsdesk.

Finding Sources

Inside the Sources tab, there are several methods for finding specific sites and exploring various sources available for searching.

Verify Newsdesk’s coverage of a single source by searching by name or URL

Explore using the new Sources Refine Panel based on criteria such as location or language to get a specific, sortable list of sites.

Discover new sources that apply specifically to you; whether they’re Japanese trade publications behind paywalls, or Spanish language blogs posted in North America.

Easier Searching with Source Lists

Create source lists to make managing searches easier. These lists can be used to limit the search to selected sources or as a blacklist to remove unwanted sources.

Include one source list while excluding others. For example you could run a search over selected industry sources, but exclude a list of competitor sites.

Flexible Permissioning

The Source lists created by one user can appear for all users in a Newsdesk account. One user can be assigned to create source lists for all users, or the option to create a source list can be opened to everyone.

Give each searcher exactly what he or she needs. One can use saved source lists in their searches, while another has the Sources tab available as a reference tool.

Contact ClientServices@moreover.com to discuss which configuration is best for you.

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The Hidden Power of the Newsdesk Refinery

Today’s guest post comes from Moreover Director of Account Management, Roger Steele

For those of you who use the Newsdesk “Refinery” (the Refine Panel to the right that shows data about top mentioned companies, people, stock tickers, source info and much more), are you realizing its hidden power? Most of us search for what we think we want to find, such as: [“ice cream” AND (chocolate OR vanilla)], to find all those articles that discuss our favorite flavors of that frozen delicacy. But (insert drum roll) the Refinery helps us find important data that we didn’t know to look for.

Refine PanelLet me give you an example. You’re a high-powered financial analyst who’s tracking what’s going on with your top client, Ben & Jerry’s, and reading all the news about what’s happening at their company. Then, you glance at the Refinery and click on the Company refine option to expand the results there. You see that Apple (the company, not the fruit) appears in the list and when you then expand the Person refine option, you see both Tim Cook and Steve Jobs listed. You click on and select: Apple, Tim Cook, and Steve Jobs, and click Refine. Lo and behold,  you see blog posts that discuss the late Steve Jobs’ not-so-well-known dream of a line of apple-flavored ice cream treats to supplement that sketchy technology business he used to run — and that Tim Cook (the newer CEO of Apple) is poised to acquire Ben & Jerry’s to make Steve’s dream a reality.

OK – that’s all made up – but the Refinery does help you uncover all that information you’d never think to look for by drilling down a bit in the results to easily mine it. You can then click “Save As” (perhaps naming it Apple iCecream to keep the “i” branding intact) and begin to monitor this new topic, while retaining your original Apple search. And maybe you should pick up some Ben & Jerry’s stock along the way – adhering to SEC rules, of course…

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Moreover Sets a New Record…

… harvesting 1,873,059 news articles in one day.

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Newsdesk Tutorials Prepare to Go Live

We’re always striving to improve the experience of new users and people who are trialing Newsdesk. Our sales and client service reps are available to help new users get started, but we’ve decided to take that one step further. In the next week, select users will be testing our new tutorials covering the following functionality:

  • Setting up your first search and adding those results to your custom dashboard
  • Building an advanced search using filters to focus and refine your results
  • Creating a basic email alert leveraging your advanced searches
  • Developing a newsletter and template, ready to be broadcast to key people at your company, your clients, and more
  • Using our suite of analytic tools to create charts and graphs to examine results

Here is the opening screenshot from the first tutorial:


Click Image to Enlarge

We’re excited to introduce these tutorials and help new clients get off the ground as fast as possible. If you are interested in learning more about Newsdesk and becoming part of our test group, please send us an email.

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Britons Increasingly Getting Their News Online

Despite social media getting the lion’s share of attention these days, online news has never been more important. The Guardian recently reported more than half of Britons get their news from online sources:

2013 marks the first time that the majority of adults – 55% – have used the internet to read or download news from sources including newspapers and magazines, broadcasters such as the BBC, or online-only websites such as The Huffington Post, according to a report on how British households use the internet, published by the Office of National Statistics on Thursday.

The popularity of digital consumption has surged since 2007, when only 20% of adults used the internet to access news content, due to factors including the Apple-led app revolution, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets and the spread of high-speed internet services across the UK. In 2012 the proportion of adults reading news online was 47%.

Checking online content on the move has become a staple of UK life, with more than half (53%) of adults accessing the internet using a mobile phone, almost double the 24% who did so three years ago.

Effective news monitoring is essential to keeping up with influential stories that are resonating with people today.

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