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Super Bowl XLIX Media Coverage

In one of the closest, most dramatic Super Bowls, record-setting Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to victory.

Off the playing field, media coverage really heated up. Following last week’s trend,  the three days before the game recorded well over 100,000 Super Bowl related articles with a one-day spike on Sunday of 43,939.


Post Super Bowl Time TrendClick to Enlarge

Our next chart shows the most popular players and coaches as measured by the number of articles each received. The two quarterbacks ruled the day. Tom Brady picked up 19.19% of the top coverage and Russell Wilson grabbed 13.96%.

Most Talked About People - 24 Hours AfterClick to Enlarge

Interestingly, Katy Perry rivaled Seattle’s and New England’s coverage by getting almost as many articles as each over the past 24 hours.

Katy Perry vs teamsClick to Enlarge

These media highlights just scratch the surface of the data available within Newsdesk — with even more valuable data being put to use every day for competitive intelligence purposes by many companies worldwide. Sign up for a free trial to see what you’re able to discover.

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Moreover Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Who hasn’t participated in or at least seen the ALS ice bucket challenge videos all over  the news and social media? It has gone viral the past couple weeks, as evidenced by a quick search in Newsdesk.

Click to Enlarge

Moreover’s Reston office decided to take challenge, and then challenge a number of other employees and partners. Here is their video, and then some responses from those who accepted the challenge:

If you would like to accept the challenge and donate to ALS, you can do so here:


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2014 World Cup Media Coverage

June 16 Analysis, Powered by Moreover Newsdesk

Like the rest of the world, our eyes are on the 2014 World Cup. We’re covering it with Newsdesk. Below are just a few of the stats and unique analysis from Newsdesk for today.

Worldwide Coverage:

Media outlets from around the world have been pouring out news recently, with about 350,000 articles published, peaking at 25,000 on June 12th.

--Total-Coverage-chart 6.16Click to Enlarge

June 16th Matches:

The US and Ghana’s match has captured more than 40% of the news articles about today’s matches, helped along by the fact that Ghana beat the US in the last two World Cups.

June-16th-Matches Click to enlarge

Most Talked About Player:

Lionel Messi, after making his second World Cup goal, has risen to the top of the media coverage chart with 2,304 articles about him in the past 24 hours.

--Most-person-Mentioned-24-hrs 6.16Click to enlarge

Worldwide Coverage Map:

The whole world is covering the World Cup, with clear leaders among media powerhouses such as the US (8,203 articles in past 24 hours) and the UK (2,487 articles in past 24 hours).

--Total-Coverage-Map 6.16Click to enlarge

These are just a few of today’s stats pulled from Newsdesk. They were comprised of the following media types:

Broadcast: 4,093 sources
Print: 21,238 sources
News: 54,806 sources
Social: 3,456,863 sources

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Britons Increasingly Getting Their News Online

Despite social media getting the lion’s share of attention these days, online news has never been more important. The Guardian recently reported more than half of Britons get their news from online sources:

2013 marks the first time that the majority of adults – 55% – have used the internet to read or download news from sources including newspapers and magazines, broadcasters such as the BBC, or online-only websites such as The Huffington Post, according to a report on how British households use the internet, published by the Office of National Statistics on Thursday.

The popularity of digital consumption has surged since 2007, when only 20% of adults used the internet to access news content, due to factors including the Apple-led app revolution, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets and the spread of high-speed internet services across the UK. In 2012 the proportion of adults reading news online was 47%.

Checking online content on the move has become a staple of UK life, with more than half (53%) of adults accessing the internet using a mobile phone, almost double the 24% who did so three years ago.

Effective news monitoring is essential to keeping up with influential stories that are resonating with people today.

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If you don’t make your payments, they can take your bank

A story about a Florida bank being foreclosed on by a homeowner has recently gone viral. Noah Seidenberg of The Evanstonian has a good summary of this crazy turn of events:

So here’s what happened. A couple in Naples, Florida bought a home with cash (no mortgage) in 2009. In 2010, Bank of America began foreclosure proceedings against them. This was Bank of America’s mistake, of course. This couple, the Nyerges, hired an attorney to help defend them against this foreclosure, and then Bank of America realized their mistake and dropped it. Well, it’s great that it’s been dropped, but the Nyerges are out $2,534 in legal fees. So they’ve requested that Bank of America cover the cost multiple times over the phone and in writing. They finally get a judge to order that Bank of America pay the fees. When they still haven’t gotten their check after five months of more calls and letters, they obtained an order of foreclosure against the bank.

Read the whole thing here.

While this has been reported in the news, Social Media has really run wild with the story. Using Newsdesk 4, I plotted out the mention of Bank of America and foreclosures (in their various permutations). You can see the huge spike of blog posts vs traditional news coverage.

Blogs and News

For the last 30 days, Social Media and News coverage have been trending together rather evenly. For this story, however, blogs blew the news sites out of the water.

A lot of people are chasing after the nature of what makes a story viral. In this case it seems rather clear that the populist angle in this story is appealing. It is human nature to celebrate the little guy winning over the big guy.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

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The Microsoft-Skype deal: Why and What For in a picture

We ran a quick search on the Microsoft Skype deal through our Newsdesk 4 analytics engine, to produce the following theme cloud. The search is over approximately 10,000 news articles from the last 4 days, from about 25,000 English language sources, any country.

The analysis picks up on products mentioned across these articles. The graph simultaneously highlights why Microsoft purchased Skype -witness the iPhone and all the Google related services- and how it plugs into its own line of products: Windows Phone, Xbox, Kinect, etc.

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Multi-Marketing Marketing?

Scott Brinker at his blog Chief Marketing Technologist has an interesting post about past divergences and new synergies in the marketing world:

Content marketing can be a little shy when it comes to asking its readers and viewers to take the next step. (No offense intended to content marketers: heck, I spent most of high school pursuing a content marketing strategy.) Conversion rate marketing, landing page optimization, on the other hand, can be a little like honing pick-up lines. But, hey, sometimes people don’t want to be picked up.

If you put these on a scale, ranging from free love to used car salesman, content marketing is on one end, conversion rate marketing is on the other.

But what if we mashed-up the best practices of each in the middle?

It’s well worth the read!

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The Rise and Fall of Osama Coverage

Posted by Chad

There has been a lot of buzz about the reaction in Social Media to the news of Osama bin Laden’s death. The story broke late Sunday and people plugged into the Social Media pipeline learned about it a full hour before President Obama made the announcement on television.

In comparison, let’s look at how online News sites reacted:

osama bin laden coverage

On Saturday, April 30th, the biggest story involving Osama bin Laden was a story about a bombing in Morocco, possibly connected to al-Qaida. There were few than 100 mentions of his name.

On Sunday, May 1st, that number jumped to nearly 3000, up 3135% from the day before.

By Monday, news mentions exploded to nearly 40,000. That’s roughly a 1400% increase from Sunday.

From Saturday to Monday, there was a 44,475% increase in news coverage about Osama bin Laden.

Monday, May 2nd, was the day with the most mentions of Osama bin Laden. Nearly 15% of all news worldwide mentioned his name.Osama vs. all news

Here we can see how US vs. Middle Eastern coverage of Osama bin Laden has been for the last 30 days. This chart includes searches for Osama’s name in Arabic (أسامة بن محمد بن عوض بن لادن), so it is likely that there is some noise in the red bars below.

US vs. Middle East Coverage

We can see that news and social media both react strongly to trends. At its peak, a single story can dominate the world’s headlines. It also shows that coverage tends to fall off quickly, even in the affected area, like the US in the chart above.

Also, when we look at products that are mentioned most in connection to Osama bin Laden, there is one clear – and extraordinarily pervasive – winner.

osama tag cloud

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Grabbing the Bird by the Horns

Posted by Chad

Anyone can make their very own clone of Twitter, but not everyone has what it takes to confront the Social Media giant head-on. UberMedia, owner of UberSocial and Twidroyd, may be looking to do just that:

According to CNN, UberMedia — the company responsible for UberSocial, Echofon and Twidroyd — is looking into developing its own Twitter-like competitor. CNN cites three people briefed on the matter (but not authorized to speak publicly) as describing the service as a response to some of the most common complaints about Twitter, including restrictions on message length. Read the full post here.

Will anyone people able to displace Twitter from its top spot in the microblogging world?

In other Twitter news: Former CEO says original co-founder didn’t get enough credit

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Thank Rebecca Black It’s Friday

Posted by Zak G

Love her or hate her, there is no denying Rebecca Black is a Web phenomenon right now with her “Friday” song clocking in at just over 47 million views on YouTube.  When the video was first pointed out to me this time last week (thanks to office superfan Mick!)  “Friday” had a paltry 14 million or so hits, but the past seven days has seen that number skyrocket.  While only a few million of those could realistically be attributed to our office superfan, it seems there are a whole bunch of you out there who just can’t get enough of Rebecca Black and “Friday”, so bringing the people what they want here is that now infamous video:


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