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Newsdesk Update – Mobile Apps, Language Facet, and More

Since our last Newsdesk update, we’ve been hard at work adding access to source lists and Language as a search facet, and creating newsfeed apps for Androids and iOS.

Source Lists and Linked Comments 

Now by default, comments linked to articles, as well as  source lists, are available for all users. You can search for sources by name, URL, or refine them based on location or language. You can create source lists to make managing searches easier. There’s also flexible permissioning in place to help facilitate source list management.

Source ListsClick to Enlarge

With comments linked to articles you can follow a conversation beyond the article into reader comments. Users can view three associated comments by default and have the option to “Show More Article Comments.” To easily see what linked comments look like, create a new search, select “Comments,” and search for source:disqus.

Data Download Option

New data download options are available on the left hand tree. Users can now access the rich Excel data download options by clicking the drop down arrow on the feed or chart menu.

Data Download Option LHTClick to Enlarge

Language Facet

Now you’ll find Language as a facet in the search results. This addition makes it quick and easy to see the breakdown of languages and exclude English language articles, if desired, from the results.

Article Language FacetClick to Enlarge

For any questions about these enhancements, please contact Client Services.


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Free Newsdesk Smartphone App Now Available

Newsdesk now delivers the news that’s important to you on your smartphone. The new Newsdesk app is now available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Our free smartphone app comes with six topical newsfeeds to keep you in the know on Breaking News, Business, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, and Technology.

Phone app main  Phone app list  Phone app story
You can select one of the six topical newsfeeds, view a list of stories within each, and drill down to a particular story. Click each image to enlarge.

Configuration codes in the Android version of the app let you change topics – and they’re coming soon for the iPhone.

  • uk (for UK orientated news)
  • us (for US orientated news)
  • aus (for Australia orientated news)
  • canada (for Canada orientated news)
  • default (for global orientated news)

Using Newsdesk as your mobile newsfeed reader, you can access headlines and extract full articles right in the app.

Available_on_the_App_Store_(black)          android-app-on-google-play-Copy

Questions? Want more information? Contact Client Services.




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Update on NFL Media Coverage

We’ve been following the players and teams. Let’s take a step back and tally up the numbers so far. How many articles have been written, who was the most covered person?

Article Volume

September is still tops. Since the start of the season, there have been 185,683 news articles published; with a single-month high of 171,117 articles in September; a single-week high of 53,438 articles September 15-21; and a one-day high of 9,431 articles on September 19.

All-NFL-News-Time-Trend 11.14Click to Enlarge

People with the Most Buzz

Running down the list of most talked about people in the NFL shows Roger Goodell, Ray Rice, and Adrian Peterson leading the way. As mentioned earlier, this is not for good reasons. After the top three, six of the remaining seven slots are dominated by quarterbacks. Manning received a large amount of coverage due to his historic touchdown pass. Brady has received a large amount of coverage due to his ups and downs in performance this year.

Most Talked About Person 11.14Click to Enlarge

These numbers were pulled from Moreover Newsdesk, and a complete feed of NFL news broken down by your favorite team can be found here.


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Moreover Joins LexisNexis

We’re pleased to announce that Moreover has been acquired by LexisNexis.

Why are we joining LexisNexis?

Our customers already know that we provide leading news monitoring, distribution and analytical capabilities. Moreover has strong online news, broadcast, print and social media content. Combined with LexisNexis’ unmatched collection of licensed news content, we’ll provide even broader coverage across the globe. Furthermore, LexisNexis’ worldwide expertise and assets will enable us to strengthen the best-in-class solutions we bring to our users.

Current Moreover service and agreements will not change as a result of the acquisition. Customers will continue to have the same access to Moreover products, along with the highest level of customer support and training.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or Client Services.


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Free Live NFL Newsfeeds

Are you curious about how your favorite player is being talked about in the news? Interested in the positive and negative sentiment surrounding Ray Rice or Adrian Peterson? Or how the media is portraying Sunday’s games?

Moreover Newsdesk delivered media coverage analysis on the World Cup. And now we are providing similar coverage for the NFL season. Our website features an RSS feed selectable by team and each week you’ll find example analysis posted on our blog. We invite journalists to contact us for additional analysis for their publications.

Most Talked About Person + Sentiment

The first chart shows who, out of all the NFL coverage over the past 7 days, has received the most media coverage. Roger Goodell has a clear lead, with Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson coming in second.

It’s always interesting to look at the sentiment behind how someone is being talked about. The second chart shows the positive vs. negative sentiment surrounding Roger Goodell. You can see that a whopping 30.84% of coverage about Goodell falls in the negative category. In comparison, Peyton Manning has only 3.65% negative coverage among his news articles.

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

These are just a few charts that we are able to quickly create. If you would like to see a particular NFL media coverage breakdown, either overall or for a particular team or player, please get in touch. We also specialize in a wide range of media monitoring and reporting capabilities for large enterprises.


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Can You Justify Next Year’s Marketing Budget?

One Hundred Dollar BonusBy Sandi Brown, Head of Marketing, Moreover

It will soon be that time of year again, and I don’t mean the holidays. No, this activity is distinctly less joyful than celebrating with family and friends. The approaching event is budget planning time. For many CMOs and marketing leaders, the fourth quarter is typically when the annual budget exercise begins.

One of the most difficult aspects about the budgeting process is providing hard numbers to back up the marketing budget request. According to the CMO Survey in partnership with the Duke Fuqua School of Business, only 35.7 percent of CMOs feel that they can prove quantitatively the short-term impact of marketing spend. Even fewer (28.6 percent) can prove the long-term impact on a quantitative basis.

Measuring Marketing ROI Is Possible  

Now that nearly everything is digitized and data is generated and collected down to the minutest detail, it’s possible to analyze and quantify how marketing expenditures help an organization achieve its business goals. So why don’t more CMOs have figures on brand visibility, customer sentiment, share of voice, campaign reach, and more at their fingertips? Most often, they lack either the access to the right data or the right analytical tools, or both.

Looking at the Right Data

Let’s start with the data. Internal campaign analytics aren’t enough to show marketing return on investment today. Instead, you have to show how effective your marketing is in the broader marketplace in which your company operates. To do that requires external data from all possible media sources: online news, social media, print, and broadcast. And to get an accurate picture, you need to make sure that your data is as comprehensive as possible, while honing in on only the relevant news and information for your company and market. The answer is turning to a comprehensive media monitoring solution.

Teasing out the Insights  

When you have the relevant media data, then you apply advanced analytics to measure and track key metrics such as share of voice versus stock price over time. Because not everyone is a media analytics expert, you’ll probably need some help from people who have deep expertise in this area. Analytics professionals can help you with time trend analyses, social media scorecarding, sentiment analysis, and multiple other avenues for demonstrating a positive return on marketing investment.

While I’ve oversimplified the process here somewhat to make a point, the bottom line is that in this age of data ubiquity we are indeed able to show marketing ROI to back up our requests for marketing budget. Why not ask Moreover for help in proving how valuable your marketing efforts are?

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Are You a Victim of Silos or Silo Mentality?

By Mark Denn, Managing Director, Moreover Silos

In the Business Dictionary, silo mentality is defined as “a mindset present when certain departments or sectors do not wish to share information with others in the same company.”  Take this a step further and you have the actual silos themselves.  An information silo, according to Wikipedia, is “an insular management system incapable of reciprocal operation with other, related information systems.”

While most people think of silos of internal company information, just as often there are silos of external news and information. For example, your marketing team may monitor Twitter and Facebook feeds but may not keep a close eye on local newspapers or foreign TV broadcasts for company mentions. Here’s the problem with this. Instead of getting the whole story about brand awareness, the competition, market changes, customer sentiment, and more, silos of media news and content limit access to snippets of information from certain sources or news types only.

With media silos, chances are good that you and other people in your company are missing valuable insight that comes from having the entire big picture available for analysis.

The Rise of Media Silos …  

Silos don’t happen overnight. Media silos grew over time as groups sought out ways to get the news and content that is important for their particular function of the business. For instance, marketing may have a platform for monitoring social media information. Maybe product management has a platform or service that helps them size up the competition. Perhaps the press relations department uses a different service for looking at media mentions for the company, and so on.

The result is multiple, siloed platforms or services that effectively prevent or discourage different groups from sharing and correlating information freely with each other.  Silos make it difficult to accurately measure the impact of campaigns and messages, or analyze your online reach, brand visibility, share of voice, sentiment, and more.

And the Fall

Many companies are starting to realize the negative impact of silos of external information and are seeking out an alternative. Centralizing your external information into one platform effectively knocks down these silos. With one comprehensive source for global news, social media, print, and broadcast, information can flow across and up and down, within departments and to the broader company.  Not only will everyone have the whole picture instead of misleading snippets, but a central platform can help eliminate turf wars and foster collaboration, while saving your company money as you consolidate and eliminate redundant services.

What to Look for

Not all media monitoring platforms offer all the media types, languages, news sources, or industry categories that are important for your business. When looking for a new media monitoring platform, look for comprehensive, global coverage and a robust set of tools that help you automate the curation, analytics, and distribution of relevant external information and insight. That way, you’re not only knocking down the silos, but enhancing the accuracy, productivity, and effectiveness of the people in your company who rely on access to external information.

Watch our short video > Hear how Moreover’s single platform across all media gives you a near-real time picture of what the market is saying for decision-making.


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Luis Suarez and June 25th World Cup Coverage

Powered by Moreover Newsdesk

Nearly half a million World Cup articles have been analyzed in Newsdesk. Currently, the biggest story is Luis Suarez and his bite. Suarez is dominating the media; here is a comparison of his media coverage versus coverage on all the teams with matches today.

Click to Enlarge

Most Talked About Player:

Luis Suarez is by far the most mentioned player. It’s interesting to note that only 2.5% of articles mentioning him are tagged as having positive sentiment, which is extremely low.

Click to Enlarge

Worldwide Coverage Map:

World Cup coverage is expanding beyond the initial countries. Newsdesk is now picking up articles coming from several more African and European countries.

Click to Enlarge

These are just a few of today’s stats pulled from Newsdesk. They were comprised of the following media types:

Broadcast: 4,093 sources
Print: 21,238 sources
News: 54,806 sources
Social: 3,456,863 sources

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How DDI Africa Gained International Exposure

The Oscar Pistorius trial has dominated the media for several months. Every word said, every person mentioned, and every product involved has been covered extensively. DDI Africa, a Newsdesk reseller in South Africa, has followed the trial from the start. As a result, DDI has gained widespread exposure in 180 articles, 52 radio stations, on television with two main networks, and extensive online coverage.

Tonya Khoury, Managing Director at DDI, shared how they were able to get all of this coverage.  She devoted hours every day to finding new angles to cover to keep publishers and readers engaged, providing them to journalists, and feeding content to social media sites. Every morning and some evenings, daily stats were sent to a growing list of contacts.

At the beginning of the trial, DDI reached out to the four main publishing houses who own most of the channels in South Africa. The first publisher to pick up her stats asked Tonya to read them each morning on the radio show set up to cover the trial. Listeners quickly contacted DDI for more information, so they began emailing stat update articles once or twice a day. One of their articles compared the amount of coverage of the Oscar Pistorius trial and the World Cup. This comparison caught the attention of the Associated Press and they picked up the story.

DDI Oscar vs WW News  DDI Oscar WW Coverage
Two charts DDI sent to journalists on March 18th. The first shows that during the past 24 hours of world news Oscar was bigger than the Malaysian Airline Missing Plane, the World Cup, and news about the Crimea. The second is a Heat Map showing global distribution of the “Trial of the Decade” coverage. Click each to enlarge.

The rest, as they say, is history. Tonya and DDI have seen their brand awareness skyrocket as they discovered interesting angles within Newsdesk and then fed them to the media. DDI is now transitioning their Oscar coverage into mainstream news, and continues to provide unique twists on the stories journalists are already writing about. Moreover is excited to see the next evolution in DDI’s creative use of Newsdesk.

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SIIA says: “Companies must adhere to copyright laws or face the consequences”

        Just last week, we noted that the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) had restructured their anti-piracy division to combat copyright infringement. Now, they’ve unveiled the details of their new compliance initiative “aimed at ensuring that companies who are copying, distributing, posting, and using their content are properly licensed.”

The SIIA has launched a widespread educational campaign to get the word out to companies globally about the program. They’re also offering a short grace period to allow companies to remedy copyright violations and obtain the proper licenses to use and distribute content.

If your organization uses and distributes published content, make sure you are fully aware of the latest changes. Read the SIIA’s detailed post on PR Week.


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