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Newsdesk boosts media monitoring with new features

We have just rolled out new changes to Newsdesk to facilitate your media monitoring efforts.

Improvements to User Comments on the Dashboard
You can now see which articles have comments from other users directly on the Dashboard widgets. Click the icon next to an article to see the discussion from colleagues about a news topic and to add your own comments.

New Article and Source Metadata in Feed Export
The Rich Atom feed now provides additional metadata about the source and the article. It can be used to build up a client-side index of articles for more detailed media analytics.

It also allows clients to offer a richer end-user experience by displaying more information alongside article headlines, such as the country of a source.

Here is an example of an article with the new tagging:

<title type=”html”>Olympic and Paralympic Values – Excellence week</title>
<link rel=”alternate” href=” />
<link rel=”enclosure” href=”” />
<summary type=”html”>Olympic and Paralympic Values: Excellence week. On June 11, World Class kicked off seven weeks of Olympic-themed content in our buildup to the London 2012 Olympic Games…
<title>BBC</title> manually indent these a little more
<link rel=”alternate” href=”” />
<m:publisher>British Broadcasting Corporation</m:publisher>
<m:subregion>Northern Europe</m:subregion>
<m:country>United Kingdom</m:country>
<m:topic>Sports: London 2012 news</m:topic>
<m:topic>Sports: latest</m:topic>
<m:topic>Society news</m:topic>

To see how you can take advantage of these new features, contact your client services representative.



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Newsdesk and Search Engine Toolkit: Minor Change in How Paragraph Breaks Will Be Displayed

On Wednesday 4th July, Moreover will be making a change to the way in which News article extracts are presented in the Newsdesk and Search Engine Toolkit products.

Currently the extract appears in non-paragraphed format within the source code of any RSS, TSV, Atom, or HTML feed that is using News content.  Starting on the 4th of July, paragraph breaks will be included (where present) in the text of the extract.

Please note that all other media types which make up our Social Media coverage (Blogs, Comments, Social Networks, Forums, etc.) already output in this format.

We do not expect there to be any issues for our clients as a result of this change, but if you have any questions about this upcoming update, please contact your Client Services Representative.

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Note to Original Free Feed Users – And A Big Word of Thanks!

Dear free feed users -

After much discussion, we recently took the decision that it was finally time to retire the original free news feeds. We’ve been serving our free feeds since 1999 (ahh, those halcyon pre-bubble-burst days), and it’s not without a touch of sadness that we call time on the service. We recently placed a notice at the top of the news feeds to try and alert our users that the service was going away.

The reason for the decision, in a nutshell, is that Moreover Technologies’ future lies with the enterprise market, where we’ve successfully provided media intelligence services for many years. In these economically challenging times, it no longer made sense for us to bear the running costs of the original free feeds.

So we wish to salute all our loyal news feed fans over the years!! We definitely made some waves when we launched our news aggregation  service way back when, I guess you could say you caught one with us.  Sorry we had to stop.

For those who are interested, we do have a fantastic enterprise offering, including high quality news feeds with many refining features. Contact us if you would like to find out more, on +1 703 650 1400 (US), +44 (0)20 7253 5003 (UK), email, or visit our website at

Again, we wish to thank you for your loyalty and support during all these years, and encourage you to consider our enterprise service as an excellent alternative.

The Team at Moreover

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RSS remains robust

(image credit HiMY SYeD / photopia)

RWW posted an engaging piece just before Christmas on the gradual ebbing away of the usage of RSS Readers as a means of consuming information, you can read that post here.

However, the ensuing debate and the new year have seen a new appreciate for our old friend Really Simple Syndication. Whilst it remains clear that Google sits firmly atop the RSS Reader pile people are still using RSS feeds as a handy and functional way of to keep up with news.

Readers still offer users a degree of control over content that you just don’t get with real-time streams, such as Twitter, although lists are a step in that direction. The categorisation and control that RSS Readers offer is invaluable to some, and as Readers continue to evolve, especially in the mobile space, I’m sure they will continue to have a future.

What RSS Readers do you use, any favourites? Don’t forget to check out the free Moreover RSS news feeds for content on a wide range of topics from news and blogs.

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Newsdesk gets social

As the buzz and influence around social media intensifies we’re pleased to announce the addition of this exciting new content as part of our Newsdesk product. Alongside the existing blogs and podcasts customers can now track content from microblog sites such as Twitter and FriendFeed, video sharing services like YouTube, forums including Neowin and Digital Spy, consumer reviews such as Amazon user reviews, wikis consisting of Wikimedia Foundation sites and photo sharing sites covering the likes of Flickr and SmugMug.


Above showing an example screenshot of a quick search over Microblogs in Newsdesk.

As we look to grow our social media monitoring tools and content we will be continuously adding to our “White List” of feeds, so as conversations happen across the Social Web the best place to track, analyse and manage your information is Moreover’s Newsdesk.

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What next for RSS?

TechCrunch have sparked a thought-provoking debate on what the future holds for RSS and where it stands in an increasingly real-time world. It’s interesting to note the example of Twitter and the growing influence it is having, not only on other social media sites, but also on publishing platforms and the future of content delivery.

We at Moreover were involved in the initial development of RSS 1.0, way back in 2000, and naturally will be keeping a close eye on how the technology evolves as RSS approaches its tenth birthday.

Read the full TechCrunch post here, and then remember to check our news content feed on RSS for all the latest information and discussion on the topic.

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Moreover’s free RSS feeds now includes blogs

We’ve just added blogs to the free Moreover RSS feeds pages. The blog search runs over the latest posts from around 250,000 blogs, i.e. those on the UGC Metabase White List.  You can use the sliders to increase the relevancy and quality of the search results, for example slide the sources filter to the right and you’ll just get results from top blogs (using Moreover’s feedRank).

Blog search and RSS feeds


You can also select one of the prebuilt feed categories and search within that – by sticking to a predefined universe of content you can get even more specific with your results.  The full list of the new blog feeds is also on the prebuilt feeds page, just click the green RSS icons,

free blog RSS feeds

We hope you like these latest additions! Let us know if you have any comments, we love to hear from you, or if you’ve got a blog you want us to include in the search just drop us a line with the address.

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Moreover for finding “incredible content”

A nice mention on Search Engine Journal of the free RSS feeds, as a way for finding great content –

Thanks Search Engine Journal!  Good feedback too about finding the right content, we’ll continue to work on those features. In the meantime users can adjust relevancy of the results with the two slider bars there – the relevancy filter looks for articles that mention your search keywords the most, while the sources filter lets you select just top sources. You can also search within any of the prebuilt news categories.

free feeds screenshot

At the moment it’s just news but we’ll be adding blogs soon, check back in the next week or two.

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Adding Moreover RSS to IE7′s search

Here’s a tip for IE7 users (and presume ditto for IE8): Add a Moreover RSS feed builder straight to your browser’s search box:

IE7 search box

1. Click the dropdown next to the browser’s search box, and select Find more providers

2. Enter the following URL in the Create your own section,|2|3&relf=2&o=rss002

3. Hit Install – et c’est tout…


If you just want to link back to our search page instead of RSS, use this URL:


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Updated news search and RSS feeds

We’ve tweaked the free RSS feeds section on our site and made it a bit more friendly to use. 

But the big new thrill is that you can run your keyword searches over our 600 news categories (‘woods’ over golf news, ‘black hole’ over space science news, etc) and effectively use the categories to filter the news for very targeted results.

screenshot rss feed builder

new rss feed search 


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