Newest Newsdesk Features to Go Live

A big thank-you to our development team for continuing to put hard work into all our products. In addition to these features, there are numerous behind the scenes changes to improve the efficiency and user experience.

  • When you click on a saved chart it now shows highlighted in your feed tree,  making it more visible which chart you’ve selected.
  • The refine filter previously known as feed class is now renamed media type.
  • You can sort your search results by media type.

Sort bys

  • You can now add feeds to a newsletter or email alert via the email manager feature.
  • There’s an option to add a link-out top right of the screen so a user can return to their intranet, or any other URL. Talk to Client Services if you are interested!
Custom URL

Here I've added the text "Back to" with a link to our homepage

  • A search engine update means search is a bit faster.
  • The help file now explains which features are dependent on your license following the release of Newsdesk Alert / Corporate / Enterprise.
  • We are rolling out 60 day search for Newsdesk Enterprise and Newsdesk Corporate accounts.

60 Day Search

September 13, 2011 Chad Bolender 1 Comment

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