Reactions to Google+

Google+ is the talk of the town in the Social Media world right now, and it seems to have caught the blogosphere and traditional news world largely unawares with its launch on June 28th:

Casey Henry over at the SEOMoz daily blog has a good overview of its features. While the article is well-worth the read, the comments are excellent. The commenters are almost entirely professionals that make their living largely on Social Media and they weigh in about their initial reactions and concerns.

Some highlights:

On Google+ being complicated and the “mom test”:

Casey Henry:

I try to judge anything new that comes out with my parents in mind.  If they won’t understand it or use it, then the product has a tough road ahead of it.  I have a had time believe that many Facebook users will be switching to Google+ anytime soon.  I also don’t like the idea of trying to maintian [sic] two social networks with my information, let alone playing on Twitter too.

practicalseo’s response:

Everything has a learning curve, i don’t see that as a down side… If it didn’t have a learning curve it would be a copy of something else, and where would that place Google? I had fun with Google+ for a few hours, still getting the hand of it, but so far I like it, it feels clean, no distractions like FB… to me Fb feels too overcrowded, I mean in SEO we teach our clients that their pages should be to the point, Google+ reminds me more of that.

Bridging the great divide:

Clif Haley

All we need now is for someone to create a Chrome extension that allows you to auto-post to your Facebook profile from your Google+ profile, and stream your Facebook news to your Google+ stream…

Comparisons to failed Google products:


I will be surprised if it doesn’t end up like Google wave.

Read them all here.

Have you gotten in? What do you think?

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