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ReadWriteWeb has compiled a handful of lists showcasing their selection of the best products of the past year. You can catch the full complement of lists here : and one thing interesting to note is just how many of the products are influencing or being influenced by one of 2009’s hot trends real-time.

The two lists we’re particularly grabbed by are Semantic Web Products and our old friends RSS & Syndication Technologies. The usual suspects of Facebook and Twitter unsurprising make the syndication list, along with Tweetdeck as the leading stream reader application. It’s also good to see PubSubHubbub and RSS Cloud included too as they’re both technologies we’d expect to see become integral to the Real-time Web in 2010.

The Top 10 Semantic Web Products of 2009 includes a partner company of Moreover, OpenCalais, so we’d also like to show our appreciation of the Thomson Reuters service by congratulating them for a well deserved place in the 2009 list, looking forward to further innovation well into 2010 and beyond. The US government portal, also on the list, is an example of a topic we’ve touched upon before with Tim Berners-Lee and his championing of Linked Data, in that respect is certainly a move in the right direction.

December 8, 2009 Zak Gollop 1 Comment

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  • 1. marfi  |  January 11, 2012 at 4:02 pm

    Does Moreover have PubSubHubBub Enabled?

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