Super Bowl XLIX Media Coverage

In one of the closest, most dramatic Super Bowls, record-setting Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to victory.

Off the playing field, media coverage really heated up. Following last week’s trend,  the three days before the game recorded well over 100,000 Super Bowl related articles with a one-day spike on Sunday of 43,939.


Post Super Bowl Time TrendClick to Enlarge

Our next chart shows the most popular players and coaches as measured by the number of articles each received. The two quarterbacks ruled the day. Tom Brady picked up 19.19% of the top coverage and Russell Wilson grabbed 13.96%.

Most Talked About People - 24 Hours AfterClick to Enlarge

Interestingly, Katy Perry rivaled Seattle’s and New England’s coverage by getting almost as many articles as each over the past 24 hours.

Katy Perry vs teamsClick to Enlarge

These media highlights just scratch the surface of the data available within Newsdesk — with even more valuable data being put to use every day for competitive intelligence purposes by many companies worldwide. Sign up for a free trial to see what you’re able to discover.

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Super Bowl XLIX Coverage

With Super Bowl XLIX  less than a week away, media coverage is heating up. This time trend graph shows an average coverage volume of 5,700 articles per day over the past month. Then on January 22, we see the number of articles jump up to 15,146.

Super-Bowl-Coverage-Time-TrendClick to Enlarge

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots are picking up media coverage and not all of it has been good. As you’d expect, the Patriot’s now infamous Deflategate from their game versus the Indianapolis Colts has been in the press. Below is a share of voice chart, showing about 112,000 Super Bowl news articles compared to mostly even coverage of the two teams playing, and nearly 1% of the total coverage devoted to Deflategate.

Super-Bowl-CoverageClick to Enlarge

Super Bowl coverage is not just limited to the US either. Below we see that even an African country like Namibia has published several dozen articles about the big game.

WorldWide CoverageClick to Enlarge

If you would like to do similar analysis or dig into your company or competitor’s coverage, contact us for a free trial of Newsdesk.

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You Don’t Need to Resort to Dumpster Diving to Collect Ethical Competitive Intelligence

Puzzle PieceBy Sandi Brown

Competitive intelligence can be extremely valuable for informing strategic business decisions about your products, messaging, business expansion, customers, and more. But when does competitive research slip into the more morally ambiguous areas of corporate espionage?

Corporate espionage isn’t new. From dumpster diving to hiring investigators to pose as journalists or volunteers, corporate espionage has been practiced for many years. More recently, electronic espionage including hacking and electronic surveillance have been added to the toolbox of the corporate spy.

How far would you go to gain valuable intelligence about your competitors? While most of us would likely draw the line at digging through competitors’ trash bins, there can be gray areas that require a careful study of corporate codes of conduct and weighing those codes against whether certain activities violate your company’s, and your own, ethics and integrity.

So what is ethical competitive intelligence? Let’s define by talking about what it’s not:

  1. It’s not spying.

Ethical research and analysis is not corporate espionage. When you use publicly available information such as online news, TV broadcasts, social media, and radio to identify and assess threats and opportunities, it’s completely legitimate because everyone has access to the same information. It’s how you pull it all together and analyze that gives you the unique insight not everyone will share.

  1. It’s not in a moral gray area.

When you base your competitive intelligence on publicly available information you don’t have to worry about ethics. You didn’t hack into someone’s social media account. You’re not posing as someone you’re not. You’re using information available to everyone and that is completely ethical.

  1. It’s as easy as a Google search.

Wrong. Competitive intelligence requires far more than random search engine results. You need access to an automated media monitoring and analysis platform for the most comprehensive set of news and information possible and  tools to visualize trends, measure frequency, and more. You don’t get that with a simple Google search.

  1. It doesn’t give you new insights.

Wrong again. Just because ethical competitive intelligence is based on publicly available information doesn’t mean there aren’t nuggets of insight hidden in the data that aren’t immediately obvious to others. Advanced analytics can help you uncover which of your competitors’ messages are getting the most traction in the market and which are falling flat.

If you’d like to get greater insights into competitor strategies, but don’t know how to get started, our experienced media analysis consultants can help. Contact Client Services to get the ball rolling.

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Drum Roll for 2014 and 2015

2014 was a year of significant product enhancements and expanding resources for Moreover with the acquisition by LexisNexis.

In 2014, the total number of new articles increased 11.25% to an all-time high of 555,751,823. In 2015, look for the number of sources to grow substantially as the strengths of Moreover and LexisNexis are combined to provide an unmatched, comprehensive suite of content.

“Becoming part of LexisNexis is a winner for Moreover and for our customers for two big reasons,” said Paul Farrell, President at Moreover. “First, the combination of our web-based media content and services with licensed news and information from LexisNexis creates an unbeatable resource for customers that will save time and help them quickly arrive at more informed decisions; and second, the assets, expertise and reach of LexisNexis, combined with Moreover world-class product development and technology, will enable us to enhance and grow our offering around the globe.”

A look back at Newsdesk 2014 improvements:

Broadcast Player

The Broadcast player lets you edit (clip), download, and save TV and radio clips to your local computer. We improved text highlighting and performance and added viewership/audience information, which can be used for media analysis.

Comment Enhancements

With upgraded viewing of Newsdesk article comments, you automatically see three associated comments and an option to “Show More Article Comments.” Simply click to see 10 more comments. You can continue to click and display additional comments until all are shown.

Five New Search Facets

Article Data Download Increase

You can now download up to 20,000 articles from Analytics at one time. Accessing up to four times as much data in one download saves time and decreases the need to split a larger search into smaller 5,000 article chunks.

Newsdesk Phone App

Our free smartphone app comes with six topical newsfeeds to keep you in the know on Breaking News, Business, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, and Technology. It  is now available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Metabase product improvement highlights:


We introduced an alternative to XML for exchanging data, allowing delivery of the Metabase payload in a JSON format. To take advantage of JSON, simply add this to a Metabase call request:


Linking User Comments to News Articles

We’ve enriched the metadata for user comments by linking <mediaType>Comment</mediaType> posts back to the original news article or blog post they appeared on. With over 750,000 comments harvested each week, from global news sites such as,, Bloomberg, Al Jazeera English, and Les Echos, you can map conversations well beyond the starting point of the story and into the user discussion it generates.

Not a Newsdesk or Metabase user?

If you want to learn more or get a free trial of Newsdesk or Metabase, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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Happy New Year!

Moreover Technologies has had a busy year — from delivering lots of new product enhancements to being acquired by LexisNexis. We couldn’t have done it without our partners and clients. Thank you for your support. Wishing you all health and prosperity in the New Year!

2015 Happy New Year

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Newsdesk Update – Mobile Apps, Language Facet, and More

Since our last Newsdesk update, we’ve been hard at work adding access to source lists and Language as a search facet, and creating newsfeed apps for Androids and iOS.

Source Lists and Linked Comments 

Now by default, comments linked to articles, as well as  source lists, are available for all users. You can search for sources by name, URL, or refine them based on location or language. You can create source lists to make managing searches easier. There’s also flexible permissioning in place to help facilitate source list management.

Source ListsClick to Enlarge

With comments linked to articles you can follow a conversation beyond the article into reader comments. Users can view three associated comments by default and have the option to “Show More Article Comments.” To easily see what linked comments look like, create a new search, select “Comments,” and search for source:disqus.

Data Download Option

New data download options are available on the left hand tree. Users can now access the rich Excel data download options by clicking the drop down arrow on the feed or chart menu.

Data Download Option LHTClick to Enlarge

Language Facet

Now you’ll find Language as a facet in the search results. This addition makes it quick and easy to see the breakdown of languages and exclude English language articles, if desired, from the results.

Article Language FacetClick to Enlarge

For any questions about these enhancements, please contact Client Services.


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Free Newsdesk Smartphone App Now Available

Newsdesk now delivers the news that’s important to you on your smartphone. The new Newsdesk app is now available at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Our free smartphone app comes with six topical newsfeeds to keep you in the know on Breaking News, Business, Entertainment, Politics, Sports, and Technology.

Phone app main  Phone app list  Phone app story
You can select one of the six topical newsfeeds, view a list of stories within each, and drill down to a particular story. Click each image to enlarge.

Configuration codes in the Android version of the app let you change topics – and they’re coming soon for the iPhone.

  • uk (for UK orientated news)
  • us (for US orientated news)
  • aus (for Australia orientated news)
  • canada (for Canada orientated news)
  • default (for global orientated news)

Using Newsdesk as your mobile newsfeed reader, you can access headlines and extract full articles right in the app.

Available_on_the_App_Store_(black)          android-app-on-google-play-Copy

Questions? Want more information? Contact Client Services.




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Update on NFL Media Coverage

We’ve been following the players and teams. Let’s take a step back and tally up the numbers so far. How many articles have been written, who was the most covered person?

Article Volume

September is still tops. Since the start of the season, there have been 185,683 news articles published; with a single-month high of 171,117 articles in September; a single-week high of 53,438 articles September 15-21; and a one-day high of 9,431 articles on September 19.

All-NFL-News-Time-Trend 11.14Click to Enlarge

People with the Most Buzz

Running down the list of most talked about people in the NFL shows Roger Goodell, Ray Rice, and Adrian Peterson leading the way. As mentioned earlier, this is not for good reasons. After the top three, six of the remaining seven slots are dominated by quarterbacks. Manning received a large amount of coverage due to his historic touchdown pass. Brady has received a large amount of coverage due to his ups and downs in performance this year.

Most Talked About Person 11.14Click to Enlarge

These numbers were pulled from Moreover Newsdesk, and a complete feed of NFL news broken down by your favorite team can be found here.


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The Heightened Focus on Measurement: Are You Stuck on Barcelona Principle #2?

Outcome Flow ChartFor communications professionals, it would have been hard to miss the focus on measurement this autumn!

AMEC Measurement Week took place in September across five continents and 49 countries, with 80 hours of learning and discussion. The goal, according to the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), was to create a better understanding around the latest thinking in measurement and analytics. Following on the heels of Measurement Week, the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) conference last month featured a pre-conference PRSA/AMEC Measurement Symposium.

There’s tremendous pressure from all sides for PR and marketing to demonstrate value to the business in terms that the business can understand. That means showing impact on business outcomes versus AVEs (advertising value equivalency).

The question is how, not why     

Everyone agrees that measuring impact would help communications professionals hone their efforts and justify PR strategies to stakeholders. The problem is that many PR professionals and communications leaders are still challenged with exactly how to measure the effect of their efforts on outcomes (Barcelona Principle #2) such as customer sentiment or share price.

Get help from a partner with media measurement expertise

We’ve been helping clients measure the impact of their marketing and PR investments for years. Moreover, now a LexisNexis® company, gives you access to comprehensive media data, provides tools for analyzing the data, and offers expert assistance in coaxing insight from the data using methods that include time trend analysis, social media scorecarding, and sentiment analysis.

Contact us for more information about how we can help you get over your roadblocks with Barcelona Principle #2 and start measuring more of what really matters.


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The NFL and Worldwide Coverage

Quarterbacks are dominating the NFL media coverage, as shown below in the pie chart of the top 10 most mentioned people. Only one player, DeMarco Murray, is not a quarterback. Tony Romo leads the coverage with his injury, and Peyton Manning and Tom Brady round out the top three after their matchup Sunday night.

Most Talked About Person 11.3Click to Enlarge

Worldwide Coverage

With the NFL looking to expand its reach to a worldwide audience, let’s see how many NFL stories are showing up around the globe. The US had over 100,000 articles published in the past 31 days, and the UK figures reflect about 3% as much coverage. Another interesting fact is the expansion of NFL articles into Africa and Asia. The quantity of articles are still low in other countries, but the NFL may be making progress tapping into new markets.

Worldwide CoverageClick to Enlarge

Follow your own team’s NFL coverage with our free NFL newsfeeds, or check out a trial of Newsdesk to see how your company and competitors are faring in both global and local media.


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